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Dear EXPERTS: If grammar isn't your area of expertise, hire a Virtual Assistant. (I'm NOT a VA but, I appreciate well-written posts.)


I just read a post by someone who's clearly an expert in their chosen area of expertise.
However, though the post had some invaluable ideas in it, it was excruciating to read.
Because the post had an abundance of typos and an abundance of grammatical problems in it.
The person demonstrates expertise - AND - inexpert grammatical the same post...
In other words: great thinking but, poor…

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Powering Your Marketing Integration

Ok first off what is Marketing Integration? According to Wikipedia Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost.


A marketing plan will consist on the following:

1. Situation analysis

2. Marketing objectives

3. Marketing budget




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The World of Social Media Marketing

Let’s start with the statistics to set the stage.

65% - Marketers who have been using Social Media for 1 month or less

14% - Businesses who outsource any part of their Social Media Marketing

  9% - Marketers that are saying they are planning to decrease the use of MySpace

6 Hours – Average number of hours per week the majority of marketers are suing Social Media

85% - Marketers who say exposure is the best benefit of Social Media


Ok we have set the…


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Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 1!!!

Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 1!!!

So this post starts what will be a multi part posting on different pre constructed boolean search strings. Today search strings are designed to Find resume(in general) and people(in general). Keep in mind these strings can be combined with others to for larger more specific search strings. Also keep in mind there are several ways to construct a search string, I am only using one way, there are others. In some cases I will be… Continue

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How’s Your Key Word Usage?

Using different words that mean the same thing can make your web page or blog post more interesting for readers and followers. It can also help you from making search engines think your site is all about some random overused term. I can across this (and quite a few other tools in my work the in the last week. This tool, the Keyword Analysis Tool helps you take a look at your use and possible under or over use of any given word or words.


Just provide the tool with a URL, and…


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Effect Of Universal Search Planning

Local search, natural search, paid search, pushing your web site to get higher and higher, that’s what it’s all about.


In working towards higher rankings on this level will if nothing else decrease the overall visibility of your competition. The more you “own” of the search page ranking pages the less there will be for other companies web sites. Do I need to tell you who their loss of visibility is a good thing? Additionally your ad and blog copy can start to be pushed up…


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One of the things I love about networking via social media is the times when I get to talk to you.

In talking with many of you, I KNOW YOU NEED HELP.,
That is abundantly, palpably CLEAR.
EACH of us has at least one problem which NO ONE PERSON CAN SOLVE...
Whether it's business or personal or career or health or marriage or children or parents or social - MOST of us need help in some form or another.
That's the whole benefit of getting to…

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Riester Agency Job Openings...(Helping a Twitter Friend)




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What else can a Recruiter Do!!

What else can a Recruiter Do!!

The great debate within companies has been around for some time. You are a "recruiter", that is all and what you do. That is what they say and think. However that is so far from the truth and it is our jobs as recruiters to explain and prove it to them. But before we do that we need to know what it is we can do besides recruiting ourselves. You would be surprised how many recruiters do not realize the other things they can do. Below is a list of the…


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Positioning Yourself For The Top Spot

That coveted top search position, so tantalizing makes my mouth water.


Now with universal search including images, product links, shopping links, social media commentary, video, news outlets to name a few of the new searchable items in the last 9 months,

Web searches and ranking has become more complex when going for a higher listing what is a search engine marketer suppose to do?


I would suspect that most of us underleverage our abilities in the area of…


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For Your Reference: 25,000 Memberships in the Top 5 Brandergy Locations

For your reference: Below is a list of 25,000 memberships in the Top 5 Brandergy locations which I invite you to consider dropping by and introducing yourself and your services to...:

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Where are your Back Links (and other stuff)

As a piggyback from yesterdays blog today’s [post is a Free SEO Tool called

Backlink Analyzer for search engine optimization. The SearchBliss Backlink Analyzer will report the total backlinks for your website and list the top (up to 100) URLs by value linking to your site.


It’s like putting your kid’s pictures up on your refrigerator or office wall but now it’s your business that you want decorating search engines walls and offices with awards and certificates, people…


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Watch Your Back. . . Links

Social Networks Backlink Checker is a Free SEO Tool for search engine optimization. Social networks have become important part any SEO campaign. Check any website's back links on the major social networks with this SEO tool, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more for free

At the most basic level, search engines try to find results that are useful to real people. For that reason, social signals of linked in sites are starting to carry more importance. So if you want to see if… Continue

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The Job of finding a Job!!

The Job of finding a Job!!


That is right finding a job is a job, if you cannot commit a minimum of 3-4 hours a day looking, than you will lessen your chances of success. So were to start? What to do first? Well the first you need to decide is what you want to do. What kind of job do you want? What kind of company do you want to work for?

Once you have figured that out, you need to write a resume, learn how to write a cover letter, a thank you letter,…


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What Is a Rumor Worth?

Marvin Gaye

I Heard It Through The Grapevine


Ooh, I bet you're wondering how I knew

About you're plans to make me blue

With some other guy that you knew before.

Between the two of us guys

You know I love you more.

It took me by surprise I must say,

When I found out yesterday.

Don't you know that...


I heard it through the grapevine

Not much longer would you be mine.

Oh I heard it through the grapevine,

Oh and I'm just…


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Twitter Glitch? Or Vincent Wright Glitch? How is it possible that my tweets show up in Ann Curry's tweetstream?

Odd print screen image of a glitch showing Brandery tweets in Ann Curry's tweetstream:


Thanks, and Keep…


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Top 5 Joys Of Using Linkedin: "B.L.O.G.S."

 Top 5 Joys Of Using Linkedin:



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We have at least TWO "brands"

We have at least TWO "brands":
  • 1. the professional one which we brand and deliver to the external world and
  • 2. the inner one which we brand and deliver to ourselves internally during sleep/reflection/quiet time/meditation/prayer
For me, though I work to balance them both, at my age, the latter takes precedence...
Here's wishing everyone peace and good sleep...
Thanks, and #KeepSTRONG!!

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PLAZA: Top 5 Views On Virtual Meetings

(Top 5 Views On Virtual Meetings) 


P = Problem (There's no need to get together online or off if there is no problem to address. Thus, keeping the problem you're here to address…


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You either love or hate the subject concerning reincarnation. To others it's a taboo topic which should never be approached or suffer the consequences. The conventional idea behind reincarnation is that after dying we return to the Earth plane to live another life. However, when up-to-date theories are…


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