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Improving your Search Engine Ranking

In improving your web sites search engine ranking you need to understand there are two sides to getting listed higher, on-site and off-site.

First you need to make sure that your web site hasn’t been developed in a way that prevents the search engines form reading your content.

Second you need to determine what phrases and search terms you would like to gain in the rankings. Then do an extensive keyword search to ensure you are targeting the best opportunities for your… Continue

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The Week Ahead for March 30 – April 3, 2009


Tuesday: March consumer confidence, January Case-Shiller home price index

Wednesday: March institute for Supply Management index, March vehicle sales, February construction spending

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, February factory orders,

Friday: March employment report

Larson note: Aside from expecting employment to continue to be heading south the news is going to start to get better. In one respect it might be… Continue

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E-Mailing In Economic Turmoil

In an economic downturn like we now have, if you can add customization to your marketing attck you will improve your effectiveness.

According to Forrester Research 77% of consumers say they find personalized product recommendations valuable when shopping. If you are able to tailoring individual e-mails with product recommendations based on a customer’s past shopping experience and history, it will allow retailers to increase their chances of making browsers into buyers. That is a… Continue

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Constructive Venting

In my coaching sessions, I make clear to those I'm working with that it's okay for them to vent to me - privately.

None of us can get through an entire life without venting - nor should we permit ourselves to be cornered into believing that a life without venting is even possible.

Yet, looked at from a certain perspective, venting represents energy - a LOT of energy!

During times when things are challenging us the most, we need the most energy we can get. And… Continue

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Why Use Promotional Products

Promotional products in a targeted marketing campaign are a very effective way to get not only noticed but remembered.

When pairing your marketing attack with the right promotional products a target marketing campaign can bring your campaign to life. But enhancing the connection with more of the five senses than other forms or marketing. According to a survey conducted but LJ Market Research, more that 76% of respondents could recall the companies name on a promotional / advertising… Continue

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Keep your Data Clean & Accurate

There is one asset you have that should be kept in perfect shape no matter what happens to the economy and that is your customer and prospect data.

Having accurate current, correct and precise data is the key drive for maximum ROI. Poor data translates into bad decisions which can impact your entire organization in a negative way. Think about it, wrong customers getting the wrong message or campaign that is irrelevant to them, leading to dissatisfied customers not… Continue

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Consumers Feelings on Receiving E-Mail

Retailers should e-mail me content based on what they know about me

37% Disagree

63% Agree

Actions consumers take on receiving e-mail from retailers

88% Download or print coupons

79% Click link in e-mail to learn more

75% Purchase product online

69% Research stores that carry product

67% Purchase product offline

60% Try new product for the first time

55% Share coupon/forward e-mail

33% Type/copy URL… Continue

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New Yahoo Products for Search & Display

Yahoo is launching 3 new search and display ad products which will allow Yahoo advertisers to better reach their targeted customers.

Trying to target the ROI (how many blogs have I been talking about this number to you now?) of yahoo business buyers or marketing and advertising services, Yahoo on February 24th announced 3 new tools to increase the performance of online advertising.

Search Retargeting

Enhanced retargeting

Enhanced Targeting

The Search… Continue

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Keeping up with CAN-SPAM FTC rule changes

There are changes to Can-Spam. These new rule changes address four areas: new opt-out requirements; designated sender rule for multiple advertisers; more flexibility on displaying a valid postal address, and clarified definition of a “person.”

The opt-out mechanism will affect a number of marketers. It specifies that marketers must provide a clear and simple unsubscribe mechanism. By only providing an e-mail address, a recipient can simply send a reply e-mail message to unsubscribe… Continue

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The Week Ahead for March 16-20, 2009

Monday: February Industrial Production


Wednesday: February Consumer Price Index, February Housing Starts

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, February Leading Economic Indicators


Larson note: Last week was interesting to say the least. Big banks posting not just profits, but grossly huge profits, make me sick. I sit back and wonder why am I, as a tax payer and devout capitalist paying to let them take the bad… Continue

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Powerful New Ning Aggregator

Ning now offers a much needed way for us to aggregate our interests,
photos, and links via our Ning profiles:

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!! (Linkedin) | (Facebook) | (Twitter) | | | | |
Skype/Gtalk = MyLinkedinPowerForum | +1-860-967-0563

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Cut Marketing Costs And Still Grow

As business owners, we're all under extreme pressure right now to cut our costs. Unfortunately, many business owners get so focused on reducing costs, and not looking at the cost to revenue ratios that are affected. They lose sight of what it's going to do to the business. It's hard to grow if you don't have any customers.

Reducing marketing costs without screwing up your ability to grow is easier than you might think.

Here are five ways to do that.

Start by… Continue

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Profile of a Travel Procurement Professional

The managing of a company’s travel purchasing is nothing new for purchasing professionals. So who are these people and how do you sell them.

Professional background

68% Male

32% Female


10% 26-34

27% 35-44

40% 45-54

22% 55-64

1% 65+

Number of travelers in the organization

25% 50-99

13% 100-499

10% 500-999

17% 1,000-2499

35% 2,500 +


7% Buyer

4%… Continue

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SEM verse Social Media Advertising

When you stack SEM up against social advertising, it wins every time. However, as someone that has run and believes in SEM campaigns, my biggest issues with any type of direct marketing effort is that there is very little longevity. Yes, I know it's possible to optimize Search Engine campaigns but, you still need to invest more time and/or money in them in a month or so to keep your ranking.

Marketing with the different social networks is much… Continue

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The Arrogance Factor

How do we NOT factor it in?

As we're factoring in the things which matter in professional networking, how do we not factor in the cost of arrogance?

There's a startup that interests me - VERY MUCH.

In order to help that startup get off the ground, it will take the best effort I can imagine.

Over the course of the past several months, I've frequently wanted to roll up my sleeves to help that startup out. I've wanted to help primarily because of the…


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140 Powerful Characters

Can you imagine Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s reaction to twitter? He is the guy who is credited with the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” in 1839. Today he might have chosen a different metaphor if he’d seen what you could do in Twitter with only 140 characters (including word spaces), and who those characters can be reaching.

This isn’t 19th century. Heck it’s not even 15 years ago, and if your CRM strategy was developed before Twitter, MySpace, nings, YouTube and Social… Continue

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Ways to Cut Costs with Predictive Analytics

Targeting the right customers and save money along the way. Is it possible?

You and your organization learn from its experiences. Models for predictive analytics rest atop existing customer data, gaining insight from information your company already has. Yes information you already have at your finger tips or should if you are doing any kind of data collection on your existing clients. If not, start. Because of its base in operational data, predictive analytics, a business… Continue

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Behavioral Targeting

How do you hit your nich or target market?

If you are able to combine a comprehensive database of demographic and lifestyle date with past buyer activity into your CRM software, you can effectively predict behavior and offer a purchase choice and experience to your target market to purchase.

You need to profile your best customers. Find out where they go, what they do. Then target your marketing channels to be in front of them in as many ways as possible.

I’m… Continue

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Election Dysfunction

No, that's not a typo. The recent election again raised the issue in my mind that IMHO, there's something wrong with our election process. I am not commenting on the outcome, just the process. Specifically, the process of selecting the Vice President, the person a heartbeat away from our highest office. The issue I have is that we, the people, don't get to select the person we feel is best to be in the second highest position in our government. We used to:

"Under the Constitution's… Continue

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Never Work For Free

You should never do work for free, and you should bill for everything you do. It is easy to start giving away what seems to be meaningless bits and pieces of work. Sometimes you are giving the client a little “bonus” of a better product without paying extra for it. This turns out to usually be a bad practice for you or the client.

Why can this be or become such a problem? When you first start giving away work, you may not be totally busy. You might not mind taking the extra time to… Continue

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