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TLS Continuum Part 79: The Continuous Process Improvement Perfect Storm

If you watch the TV or read the newspaper over the past month you have seen a rash of incidents in which the new president says one thing and his cabinet members say something entirely different. This inconsistency of message leads to an inconsistent message to the employees of the government, our allies and more important to the customers of this country – its citizens. I hear many media pundits who lay out what this could mean for the country in the years to come. This is not a political…


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Author of the month!

In honor of the below announcement, the price for the book has been reduced to $7.99 whether you purchase the eBook or paperback. #AIB

Buy now: Http://amzn.to/2mwZtWa…


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Amazon Book : Les Rosiers de l'épouse du dernier bourreau de Pyongyang

Alors qu’Amazon vend des millions de livres électroniques téléchargés donc ceux de Marinella Charlotte van ten Haarlen écrivain germanique humaniste ayant une grande vision du futur proche et lointain qui arrivé vers nous à grande vitesse. Elle écrit des livres à l’instar de Wilheim von Humbold (Neuhumanismus) et des mystères à suspens. Elle est une femme de lettres peintre…


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What do candidates really want from staffing process??

What do candidates really want from staffing process?? What do candidates really want from staffing process? How do they really feel they should be treated? What is good candidate service and satisfaction? These are the questions that staffing professionals have wondered for…


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TLS Continuum Part 78: Obstacles are the pathway to opportunity not the dead ends


Let me begin with a few premises. Whether we are talking about our personal lives or your business workplace, everything we do is based on a process of some type. Each process is constructed of a series of steps, which lead us to the end result. The second premise is that although we would like everything to run crystal smooth in reality it never happens. Along the way we are confronted with an event that waylays the process. Consider the preverbal Murphy’s Law that states…


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Author in Business Book Tour at Microsoft Store

I've been blessed these past few months to be part of a book tour at the Microsoft store.  

December was my first in Atlanta, GA.  January was in Houston, TX and this month was this last weekend in Austin, TX. 

Third time is the charm apparently because we were finally able to capture video of my moment in the spotlight.  

I love investing in others by sharing a bit of my story...I hope this little tidbit of my story encourages you as well.…


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The Call!!

So often when calling a potential candidate, most recruiters go into their sales pitch about a position they are looking to fill, if the person they are talking to seems interested, they might talk more about the position. If the candidate does not seems interested they quickly end the call to move onto the next. In most…


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A great way to measure a good Staffing Professional!!!

Candidate and Client Satisfaction!!!- Well this is one of the most important issues for a recruiter/staffing professional. It is not just about filling positions. It is about having a good relationship with your client and ensuring you treat each candidate with respect. …


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