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Service Level Agreement (SLA), a 2 way Agreement!!

Service Level Agreement (SLA), a 2 way Agreement!!

Most of us know what an SLA is and how it is used. Simply put an SLA is - is a where the level of service is formally defined. What that means is, it states who does what,…


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Partner Sat rating, the true measure of a good Hiring Manager (HM)!!!

So, we as staffing professionals are held accountable for candidate and client (HM) satisfaction. This is measured with a survey and subsequent percentage for success according to a set of question that are answered with a rating scheme. …


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Heavy Weight fight, LinkedIn Profile versus Resume!!

Over the last few months, I have dealt with a few candidates who, rather than supplying an up to date resume, want me to use their LinkedIn Profile. While I can understand why, the reality is a LinkedIn profile in most cases is not a resume. It is the next step up form a Cover letter but below a resume. …


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Eany, Meany, Miney, Moe, which staffing Model should we use!!

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TLS Continuum Part 6: The Value of Language

Have you every traveled to Montreal or gone into the ethnic sections of some of our bigger cities? What was the problem that you encountered? The chances are you encountered conversations, which you could not comprehend what was going on. For all you know they could be saying adverse things about you or your organization and you would not have a clue as to what they were saying. This is equally true regarding our workplaces.


Actively listen to your organization and it is…


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At 5:05 AM on 5 February 2015, I'm just noticing a reflection of MY MOM in this PICTURE!!      

(Her reflection can be seen on the far, far right of the picture, right behind my siblings and me!!!!!)

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TLS Continuum Part 5: Darn it!! Why aren't you listening

Dr. Tony Alessandra, the author of the book “The Platinum Rule” , suggests that the purpose of all businesses is to acquire and maintain customers. So how do we, as Tony suggests, acquire and maintain customers? We do so by listening to the voice of the customer as it relates to how we do business.


To begin with let me clarify what we mean by the term customer. Whether it is an internal customer in the…


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