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What is HR Excellence?

We had in one of the first posts here asked you to define what you thought HR Excellence was. From the level of responses I am assuming ( I know the problems with assumptions) that you are having a hard time coming to some sort of consensus. So let me tell you what I feel the components of the definition of HR excellence are:

Achieving HR EXCELLENCE is the result of:

CARING more about your…


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Human Resource Blogs (Why we do it)

One of the blogs I read each week is that of Ben Eubank's Upstart HR. In his post for the week he posed the question shown in the title above. For your consideration here is the text of his latest blog. After the text of Ben's post we will add some after thoughts of our own on the topic.

So maybe you read half a dozen human resources blogs, or maybe this is the only one you follow. Why do people write human resources blogs? What’s the point?

Well, I can’t…


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Value > Price

Value > Price


Ok, a brochure. Not a problem; I can definitely do that. So I start thinking: well, there are one-page brochures and ten-page brochures. There are big brochures and small…


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Soar with the Eagles – Even When You’re Surrounded by Chickens

First Steps

When new clients begin to work with me toward the objectives of improving their lives, one of my first questions is about the influence of others. I ask about their spouses, their children, relatives and friends. I do so to establish a specific directive for my client to assess.

I challenge the client by asking “Why should you care what they think? These people have influenced you throughout your life. So how do you think they will react to the fact that you…


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REVELATION: Joseph's Message

Some books help to change our lives. If you value your future then consider the wisdom that shines through the pages of this book. Here are a couple of passages that I hope will make you sit up and think.

"If you take away the shared field of consciousness on Earth, if you take away the darkness, then the soul begins to remember that it itself is Light! If…

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No such thing as too much communication!!

No such thing as too much communication!!

As with any relationship communication is key. I have found it is far better to over communicate than under communicate. Clients appreciate knowing what is going on and one of the biggest complaints about recruiting is lack of communication. One of the biggest ways to…


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Change can be good!!!!


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The New Networking Hotspot: Airplanes

The New Networking Hotspot: Airplanes


Post image for The New Networking Hotspot: Airplanes

While speaking with a few of my business friends the other day, I was quite shocked to hear that most of them had never given much thought to the idea of networking while flying. So many missed…


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New Favorite Quote!

Every so often I find a great quote I really love.

This one, in particular, I found today:

When there's that moment of 'Wow, I'm not really sure I can do this,' and you push through those moments, that's when you have a breakthrough. Sometimes that's a sign that something really good is about to happen. You're about to grow and learn a lot about yourself.”

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

I found this particularly motivating due to the fact I'm expecting to go through some…


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Those People

While checking my LinkedIn groups this morning I found this post from Seth Godin

At a recent seminar, a woman who helps run a community college stood up to ask a question.

"Well, the bad news," she said, "is that we have to let everyone in. And the truth is, many of these kids just can't be the leaders you're describing, can't make art. We need people to do manual…


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Let's Play HR

To my HR purist friends I apologize if you think I believe that HR does not have a vital role within our organizations.I am in no way equating HR to playing the child game of house. What I am suggesting is that there is a new visitor in  the neighborhood.

For some time I have had some elementary interest in a new tool to increase employee engagement called gamification. It came to the forefront when I received a LinkedIn Invite from Noreen Poli of…


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What You Need to Know About Vector vs. Raster Logo Graphics


Post image for What You Need to Know About Vector vs. Raster Logo Graphics

You always want your logo to look stellar, both in print and online.  After all, your logo is an instantly recognizable snapshot of your brand and your business!

Vector and raster are two terms you’ve probably heard before, and if you’re not a graphic designer, you might not be 100% clear on the difference between the…


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Mirror , Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of them all?

On two separate times in the past week, my inbox contained entries which centered around the image that the corporation puts forth to the marketplace. In each one to some degree the organizations involved forgot what their purpose is -- to acquire and maintain customers. To do that we need to have the "right person, in the right job, at the right time and in the right place."

Consider these events. The first involved a cheerleader on the Baltimore Ravens. She was banned from being…


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Part 4 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!

So this is part 4 the end.

Over the last few weeks I have posted allot of info about the 3 models. I posted roles, responsibilities, positive and negative point about each as well as metrics used to measure the success of each.

Now for a few tidbits, things to keep in mind when deciding, and my overall thoughts.

The A-z Model or monofunction is the…


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