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The Reverse Funnel System

To start out I am NOT talking about The Reverse Funnel System (RFS) that is a Pyramid scheme or Multi-level marketing device originated by Ty Coughlin and his company, InnerCircle.


I am talking about a sales system like the funnel system I talked about Friday in which we turn the funnel upside down than tell or sell to one person who tells their friends who tell their friends etc until you funnel opening which is upside down is literally pouring out…


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The Sales Funnel & Reverse Funnel


After yesterday you might start to think I am not in favor of quick fast growth. Quite the contrary that is way I made 2011 the year of doubling your sales. I just don’t want you going bankrupt from lack of cash in the process or if you do run out of money at least know why.


So let’s look at my friend the sales funnel. Some gurus of sales have said the funnel is dead, it leaks, and it’s just no good anymore. I disagree, you can put the funnel upright or you can put the…


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Can You Afford To Grow?

 Can You Afford To Grow? No I’m not kidding. Can you afford to grow? You might be asking “Can you afford not to grow” but there is a price to grow and it is not in sales the true measure of possible growth is found in your cash flow and your profit margin.


Sales are nice and profits are nicer, but a business from the one man army to the fortune 500 live and die by cash flow.

I have been talking about growth and doubling your

business this year and it is a nice…


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The Critical Mass Of Social Media


Yesterday was more about quality then it was about sheer volume. Deal with it. Yet there are times when you just need more mud on the wall. You need numbers lots of numbers. And somewhere that critical mass of people and businesses exist, and its right at your door step, enter Social Media. With a greater presence of activity in Social Media networks you can quickly find the numbers you may be missing. Starting with blogs to videos to tips of the day to effective pointed content you…


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Diversity Sourcing Part 3!!!

Diversity Sourcing Part 3

As promised, I will now continue with part 3 of the 4 part(actually 5 as I will have a Vet diversity posting soon as well, I was asked to do one, should have from the begining, being a vet and all) Diversity Sourcing series. We already looked at Women and Hispanic so now let's focus on African American. As I said in my previous post remember diversity sourcing is a very special skill. You need to have knowledge of were to search or as I have said in my "…


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Getting Better Prospects


Here we are in the information age where data rains down from the heavens filling our lives with more information that we would have ever dreamed of and I need to ask you, Do you have any idea what you’re doing? No really do you have a plan in place for 2011?


It’s not too late to get one going.


First sit down and outline your goals for the year. Ya all of them! Are you looking for more quality or more quantity? Are you looking for more prospects or more…


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Success On LinkedIn


So much has been written about Facebook and Twitter that one of the keys to online social media success, LinkedIn, sort of gets lost in the dust. Yet if you are looking to really work the business side of Social Media and want to get in front of the right kind of people who are there for business LinkedIn is the tool. Neilson called LinkedIn “The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals.” LinkedIn population comes from more than 200 countries and territories; it…


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Rules Of Mailing Engagement


 To get the most out of a direct mail campaign it only makes sense to manage it to produce a maximum response. Yes how many times in the mad rush to meet some real or imaginary deadline. When we do that to ourselves we only end up using limited resources and not having your front and back end set up to get the best in ROI possible.

So when reviewing the last few dire

ct mail programs I have put together for clients I came up with a few rules to be a basic guide to get the…


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The Road to Prosperity


You want the secret to increasing your sales in this wonderful economy? Be different than your competition. Challenge every idea you have ever heard. Be an innovator. Be audacious. Stand out from the crowd and be seen as well as heard!


Get your head on and launch that new business, create that new product or service that disrupts the competition. Just remember ideas are cheap. It’s the application of the ideas that is the hard part.


There are 3 primary…


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Interview Feedback!!

Interview Feedback!!

Should we hire the candidate or not

At the end of your interview you should be able to say whether you think this candidate should be hired for this job or not. But do not just stop there, also state whether this candidate should be hired for another position you may be aware of. A key to remember is, that sometimes a candidate can be a fit for more than 1 positions at a time. Or while they may be being interviewed for one position, they could be a better fit…


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Why Not Use The Cheapest Printer


We are in a recession or are we. I guess right now it all depends on the person perspective of you. Your business and your micro economic outlook. No matter. The fact is that we are all trying to produce more with less of an advertising budget.

With that in mind it can be very tempting to just go out and buy your printing, anything from business cards to that new brochure to a hot little direct mail piece, from the printer with the lowest cost, right?


Well you…


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Trust In Ink On Paper


In all its technical savvy and the ability to push your message out at the press of a key, customers, prospects and consumers still seem to favor and trust the printed word.


If you have a few dollars to spend on advertising you might want to keep this in mind. People still prefer things that are printed more than not. So where and what kind of print advertising should you be doing? Some of that has to do with the kind of business you have and the product/service you are…


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Conducting the Interview!!

Conducting the Interview!!

During the interview your goal is to gather information so you can make a solid hiring recommendation. It is important to remember that candidates come from a variety of sources. Not all candidates want to interview with Your Company. In some cases, we have persuaded them to consider Your…


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Leverage Customer Data

How many times have you bought something from a company only to receive a week or so later a promotion on the exact same item you just bought? You aren’t alone.  If you are a company that is doing that you are just plain dumb. Sorry to be so blunt but you are. You are not only wasting valuable resources of time and money in misaligned marketing but you are driving your customers away from you. You are telling them “I don’t know you or want to take good care of you.” Now if you took and…


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Boosting Electronic Marketing With Social Media

You’re doing an electronic newsletter or you send out email marketing or blasts. So how do you measure the impact of your social media marketing on your electronic or email newsletter marketing? Are these two forms of multichannel marketing even compatible. Should you care or should you expect more than you’re getting?


Social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle and Twitter are great ways to push your social Media marketing onto your electronic or email…


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Get On Facebook NOW!

Have you made your Facebook Fan Page Yet? http://www.facebook.com/LarsonAndAssociatesFans If not why not? Its quick, it’s easy, it’s free and now Bing is indexing it.


I have been telling you to get a Fan page. Maybe not as much as some of my other advice but since the advent of Facebook Fan pages I have been pushing their use. Now your participation on Facebook was no longer optional but we can almost say it’s…


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International Recruiting/Sourcing!!!

International Recruiting/Sourcing

Always an interesting subject is international recruiting. How do US based recruiters source for international candidates. Well first as I said in my "Words and Phrases to Recruit by!!!" Blog posting, "go beyond the basics" and as I said in my blog post "Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers ! " " Research Comes First". In other words, do you research and think about the things you do for US candidate sourcing and go beyond them to find…


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Faster New Year Sales

By all accounts I am reading GNP in the Sates will be going up 2.6 up to 5%. Better than going down 2.6 to 5%, but is that good enough? Not for me and it should not be good enough for you either. I dare you. No I double dare you to join in with me to make this the year you more than double your business. No matter that my state is going to raise my income tax by 66.66% and that will cost people their jobs mark my words. But this is not about how the state or any government runs their, sorry,…


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