The Most Necessary Word In Professional Social Media

One of the singularly most painful things for me as a professional business networker to witness is the flood of brilliant people whose small businesses and websites fail because of too much independence and not enough partnering.

And it pains me because one would think that if anyone would be amenable to partnering it would be those who put up social media sites!

Yet, time after time after time, I've seen outstanding men and women come up with brilliant ideas, give birth to those ideas, put in inordinate amounts of intense hard work to develop and drive their idea, only to see their beautiful idea stall, flounder, and die.

Great ideas, dead because of too much "I can do everything myself. I don't need help."

Ideas that die too soon, help no one.

Now the question is, if someone has a brilliant idea and is a hard worker who is not shy about working hard, shouldn't that be enough to make the idea, the web site, the book, the company a success???


  1. Ideas need a multitude of the right mixture of components in order for them to survive long enough to be successful
  2. Ideas need money
  3. Ideas need labor
  4. Ideas need presentation
  5. Ideas need selling
  6. Ideas need sharing
  7. Ideas need championing Ideas even need OTHER ideas

Someone may have an idea but, no money.

Someone else may have money but, insufficient skills.

Another person may have skills but, no network.

Yet another person may have a network but, no product or services to share with their network.

Thus, to be successful, these sets of people need to come together - even as they are competing to win money for themselves and their families.

When we have similar business objectives but, slightly different products/services/audiences, the best word to describe this coming together to mutually benefit one another is co-opetition.

My personal guiding principles for practical co-opetition are quite simple and straightforward -

Principle #1: BELIEF 

I am open to engaging in co-opetition if I believe in either of the following about a prospective partner:

  • 1. I believe in the person or
  • 2. I believe in the product or
  • 3. I believe in the company or
  • 4. I believe in the opportunity/plan or
  • 5. THE ULTIMATE: I believe in the person AND the product AND the company AND the opportunity/plan


I'm open to engaging in co-opetition in the presence of demonstrated mutuality of support along either of the following lines:

  • 1. financial support or
  • 2. promotional support or
  • 3. participatory support (events/groups/forums) or advisory/consultative/technical/artistic support

Of course, in the spirit of co-opetition, if you'd like to co-operate and share your thoughts on this highly important subject in professional social media, I'd personally welcome hearing from you.

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,
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