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Couple of quick things to help you with your professional networking via 

  1. Please USE the forum! We have lots of great people present on our forum. So, reach out to meet some of them for the networking opportunities to help you address your professional interests and needs.  (TRY THIS LINK to Talk To All Members of
  2. There's a large variety of groups so, I'm sure there are a few that would be able to help you grow your social media presence for your professional purposes 
  3. Also, the people of the forum tend to be professional and friendly. Search the groups to find friends and then reach out to say hello and to see if you can help one another. (I SEE some people who SHOULD know each other but, even if worked 28 hours per day, I would not be able to introduce you all on my own. ) 
  4. By the way: MARKET your Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook ID's in the appropriate groups. You can make some GREAT connections in those groups. 
  5. Some of the primary groups have tabs across the main menu on the home page. So, click on them to access those primary groups. If I can be of help, my contact information is below: 

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,
+1-860-967-0931 | SKYPE = MyLinkedinPowerForum

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