A Reminder Of Networking Resources For Our Job Seeking Friends...

Because time is limited, I can't work one on one with everyone without charging a fee so, I've set up some groups to help job seekers network independently.  Several of these groups are summarized at this link: http://bit.ly/NetworkingResourcesForJobSeekers

At that link I say this:

"If you tell us what type of work you were doing at the time you lost your job, perhaps we can help you look for another one, ok?

Also: We do have a few groups here which you may want to look at:

  1. http://brandergy.com/group/jobese
  2. http://Twitter.com/JobSeekers
  3. http://brandergy.com/group/TIGERESE
  4. http://brandergy.com/group/Workese
  5. TIGERese on Yahoo Groups at: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Tigerese
  6. MyJobTIGER is also on Twitter at:http://twitter.com/MyJobTIGER    
  • In addition, I encourage you to join our three main networking groups so that you can DISCUSS your job seeking needs/obstacles/challenges/efforts:
Also, please check out sites such as Telecommute Connecticut:

If you sincerely want help in expediting your job search, we sincerely want to help you to be gainfully employed this year - and beyond...
And, too, if you need to hire someone for more direct help you with your job search, feel free to contact me, today...

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