SPAMMING Will Get You BANNED! If You Want A Great Network, Write A Great Post!

WARNING: One of the practices we've been working to discourage is the practice of pasting the same message on the pages of multiple members and multiple groups.

UNFORTUNATELY: We've had to remove some members who persist in this particular form of what we call profile stamping - also known to some people as spamming. 

I've written to all other members about this before.  Some members may have missed it but, within the past week or so, I've sent out several messages asking members to not paste the same message into multiple members' pages.  

People do notice the home page when one member's profile shows them posting a new message every minute: take a look at how you show up on the home page:


This is not to punish you but, to protect the community for those professionals who want to focus on networking and developing professional relationships.

If you want to reach a great number of people, USE YOUR BLOG to write a great article to share with us - and ask us to connect with you if we find your message of value. (START A NEW BLOG POST HERE:  )

What would probably work even better is to write a blog post using the blog available to you on your profile as a member of   (

As will all Brandergy matters, if you need help in getting started using your blog, let me know.

+Thanks for your consideration, and #KeepSTRONG

Last updated by Brandergy Aug 11, 2015.

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