In all the years I've driven and even walked by this house, I've always described it at "The Fake House". Who KNEW it has such a rich history that it's a "National Historic Landmark" 

"The house was the home of Wadsworth Atheneum director Arthur Everett “Chick” Austin, Jr. Chick Austin built the house in 1930 after seeing the Palladian Villas of the Veneto on his honeymoon. In the 1930s it was a gathering place for leaders of the international art world, including Salvador Dalí, Alexander Calder, Gertrude Stein, George Balanchine, Le Corbusier, Cecil Beaton, Martha Graham, Agnes de Mille, Aaron Copland, and Virgil Thomson."

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Dang, the links aren't working for me. Really wanted to see what the "fake house" looked like. 

Thanks, Gerald: 

Can you please try the image again?  (It's updated to: )

(SO MUCH with "AUSTIN" the past 3-4 months, by the way! :-) (*POSSIBLE* *NEW* project may be getting started at Dell Medical...))

The Austin House

The Austin House, a National Historic Landmark, is the largest object in the Wadsworth Atheneum’s collection and is the former West End home of the legendary and innovative A. Everett “Chick” Austin, Jr., the museum’s director from 1927 to 1944. Austin appointed his home with unique examples of 18th and 20th century European furniture and decorative arts.

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