Even though my handwriting has deteriorated do to age and use of computers, I have long maintained that this is the best way of capturing information.

Taking notes on a laptop, tablet, etc. has many issues, other than information retention.

  1. When I type, I find myself more concerned about correcting typos is real time than capturing what is being said.  And this is more acute when what I am typing is projected on a screen for the attendees to review.
  2. Then there are times when my laptop stops responding because of some background activity.  Then I have to wait for it to come back to see if it captured what I typed.  Another opportunity for missing what is being said.
  3. There are other distractions when using a laptop, tablet, etc. like notifications, incoming mail, chats, etc. that try to grab your attention away from what is being said.
  4. And when you are typing, you are acting more like a conduit of information like a court reporter.  You are just recording information, not internalizing and reinterpreting it because your brain is focussed on your fingers to click the correct keys instead of your hand writing a word on a piece of paper.
  5. And most important of all, technology like a laptop screen is a barrier between the person providing the information and the person recording the information.  The connection formed by eye contact and demanding attention can be lost when using technology.

This article from the Harvard Business Journal documents the results of several studies supporting handwritten note taking https://hbr.org/2015/07/what-you-miss-when-you-take-notes-on-your-l...

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