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Comment by Vincent Wright on July 22, 2015 at 4:21pm
Comment by Vincent Wright on June 22, 2015 at 1:24am

AKA: " No Excuses Linkedin Profiles" by Vincent Wright.  Located on at:

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QUESTION: You wouldn't go to an interview in an expensive Armani suit on BACKWARDS would you????

Then, do not put up a backwards profile on Linkedin, the Armani of social media platforms!
You don't have to "love" Linkedin to appreciate that Linkedin is a PERPETUAL INTERVIEW STATION FOR YOU.
If you post a profile on Linkedin, likely someone who *COULD* be professionally important in helping you to "love" *YOUR* business or *YOUR* career or *YOUR* social cause will see it.
If they see it, let them see it the way you want to be seen, as if you were in their office with your Armani suit put on ... the right way....
Get Linkedin for reasons like the Wright Hand Reasons below and fine tune your Linkedin profile to help you meet and benefit from getting to know the right people:
5 Wright Hand Reasons To Get Linkedin

Reason #1: There Is No Excuse To Be On Linkedin Without:

Addressing A Problem - There is a problem that you're seeking to address, else there's no need to be on Linkedin.  The problem you're seeking to address IS THE ONLY REASON TO BE ON LINKEDIN. (DON'T GET NERVOUS IN TALKING ABOUT PROBLEMS.  Addressing problems is THE FIRST STEP to your success.  IMAGINE solving your most challenging problem via Linkedin! Get Linkedin To Address A Problem...

Reason #2: There Is No Excuse To Be On Linkedin Without:
Sharing Your Strength - If you have NO strength, there's nothing Linkedin can do for you. If, as I'm sure is the case, you do have strength, make sure that your profile makes CLEAR what your strengths are.  Finding your strength reduces the fear of facing your problems. Get Linkedin To Share Your Strength ...
Reason #3: There Is No Excuse To Be On Linkedin Without: 
Amplifying Your Time - I don't want to be on Linkedin if Linkedin is not going to SAVE ME TIME! If Linkedin does not help you speed up your success by reducing the time for you to reach success then, Linkedin can have no value to you.  Turn to Linkedin to save time, to reduce the time to accomplish the goals, the missions you have for your career, your business, your social causes.  No matter how much strength you have, it's only temporary. So, use your strength and your time, wisely.   Without time management, even strong people seem weak. Get Linkedin To Amplify Your Time...

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