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Interesting ways to use Wordpress.  Our local schools does have online ability to purchase meals online, etc.  but not a wordpress site, I hadn't thought of that option before..  

Can you elaborate a bit more, Heidi?  Does your school need a site?

No they have had one for a while, a company which specializes in such sites for various school districts. I had just never considered that as a possible use for wordpress.   This application would work well for businesses which deliver lunches at places of business.  

Oh, OK, Heidi!

Working on an update to it now; it's actually dealing with the 3 schools and has made close to 100k for this year alone.

When you think about it, WP is really just a framework for connecting a UI to a database (and honestly 2 different UIs - one for users, one for administrators) - so you can really create anything you want when it comes down to it - either by using WP centric objects (ie custom post types with meta) or things completely outside of the WP database. For the reporting feature I actually track every order made but save a single 'lunch' item into a db so that the delivery process is easy - ie admin comes in, selects the date, the school, the grade, what kind of report (ie kitchen reports only care about the aggregate of lunch items, that they need to make 42 lunch items of one type but don't care about delivery; student reports actually report what each student gets) -- all in all, much easier to build as a piggyback on WP rather than write from scratch.

EXCELLENT explanation, Grimm!  

(Let's catch up AFTER your birthday, ok?  And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-))


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