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Wright Hand Rules For Success
July 1, 2010

Here are a handful of rules you need for success: 

Rule #1: 
FACE the problem... No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success

Rule #2: 
FIND your strength... Every living person seeking success has strength...But, power not found is power not available. Finding your power reduces...more

A N.E.T.W.O.R.K. of Words to Help You Network

HiBu Emagazines
July 1, 2013

With hundreds of millions of men and women from around the world joining social media networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter, it's obvious to most of the world that networking is important and that it is here to stay. And, yet, if we were to ask those professionals who're so robustly signing up to join these social media networking sites what "networking" was...more

Cultural Literacy And Inclusion Management (CLAIM) Views on New Race Relations, (Vincent Wright, Hartford Courant, Op-Ed, 2003 )

Hartford Courant

While trying to evaluate whether there's been appreciable, real-world improvements in race relations during my lifetime, I was helped by recalling two of the most memorable points of my life: the death of my grandmother when I was about 15 years old and the death of my mother 28 years later... more

A Fighting Spirit (or Where's The Quality Care In Rushing The Dying Into Eternity?

Hartford Courant
July 5, 1994

"The social worker said to me "It would be nice if she could just let go."

She said this - with the best of intentions - in reference to my mother who has been struggling with multiple myeloma since being diagnosed with it eight years ago.

Ordinarily this statement would not have caught my attention except that I had recently cautioned a friend about her penchant to rush through traffic.


Invisible Messengers (or A Medicine Called Forgiveness)

Hartford Courant
January 23, 1999

"The two year long battle between my oldest brother and me ended just in time for us to spend the last six months of his life as friends - and in time for me to learn a rather startling lesson from him...." more

With Or Without A Computer, I Am A Recruiter!

With or without a computer, I am a Recruiter.

And so are you.

But, I’m afraid that sometimes some of my fellow professional Recruiters and I have gotten so hopelessly caught up in techniques and technology that we sometimes forget that the very essence of our business is what we *all* are: PEOPLE!

Our focus must be tightly coupled with developing healthy “people relationships”.

Because recruiting is about people, it’s serious business. Companies depend on recruiting. Individuals depend on recruiting. And, in a certain sense, life depends on recruiting. A world 100% devoid of recruiting is an unimaginable world. And it’s one that we won’t see in our life time.

Let others recruit as they wish but for me, I am a Recruiter because I…


My Carrot! The Autobiography of Vincent Wright

5 years before @TheBeatles released "I Want to Hold Your Hand", I wanted to hold her hand in Columbia, SC!



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