My name is Henry Schneider.  I am a management consultant and I specialize in helping executives tackle complex corporate challenges.  Do you struggle to be profitable?  Do you kick yourself because your actions end up costing more than anticipated?  Then call me, I am like the house inspector identifying crucial structural elements that need to be fixed.  As a result, you get immediate feedback and recommendations and coordinated actions that support your business goals.

For entertainment/fun/relaxation, I enjoy family, movies, reading, and listening to music.  I also write and publish reviews of unusual music.  Please visit Expose On Line to explore new and adventurous music.

I am open to meeting socially responsible professionals who have similar interests.

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Let me know if you want to put a Progressive Rock page in, ok?

Sure Vincent.  Go ahead and set it up.



I set it up a bit mischievously at: as"

Progressive Rock

Curated by Henry Schneider :-)

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