Here is my introduction:

My name is Rodger Bailey.

For entertainment/fun/relaxation, I enjoy watching documentaries, especially about technology, history, evolution, and the brain.

Who am I and what do I do?

I am a coach and I specialize in helping athletes improve performance by improving execution precision and reducing execution mistakes.


I am a coach and I specialize in working with parents of children with developmental disorders, who want to see their children re-engage their developmental process, lose their symptoms, and catch up with their peers.


I am a coach and I specialize in working with university students who are faltering in their studies and need to develop focus, attention, and concentration to improve their academic capabilities and results.

My World View:

Over the past 6 decades, I've become engaged in exploring different cultures as I learned about our fantastic plastic brains. Some concepts and ideas that are defined as the truth in some cultures don't even exist in other cultures.

I would like to meet socially responsible professionals who are concerned with finding better ways of using our natural capabilities and our world's natural resources.

My Background and my formal Education:

In '62, I joined the US Navy and spend 4 years studying and working in electronics. In '66, I joined IBM to make use of my electronics skills and ended that phase of my life in '80 as a Programmer/Analyst. During this time at IBM, I obtained degrees in Anthropology studying with Margret Meade (BS, '72, Fordham) and Educational Counseling studying at a pastoral counseling psychotherapy institute (MS, '77, U of Bridgeport). I also did post grad studies in Linguistics ('77-'80, various institutions).

During this time at IBM and university, I developed an understanding of our human brain that is somewhat modeled on how computers function. By taking this alternative view of our brains, I've developed products and services, which clarify what's happening in our brains and which resolve a range of developmental problems which are considered to be 'incurable' by modern medicine and psychology.

This alternative view also provides a way of improving athletic performance, beyond what is currently available from strength and conditioning coaching, skill coaching, or mental coaching. By having a different perspective or model or paradigm, I've found an untapped avenue for improving performance. It is a way of re-wiring the brain for more precision using an exclusive program of non-invasive, no-sweat exercises.

My Site:

The Timing Of The Game

I look forward to networking with you, today!

Rodger Bailey, MS

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Nice title, Rodger!  

(You're being seen! :-) )


+Vincent Wright

Hi Mr Roger, sounds interesting and when I actually slow down which I am working on, I look forward to making your acquaintance.


Rodger is a super-cool gentleman ... you'll love getting to know him and his AWESOME work ... (I'm hoping he and his wonderful wife will invite me down to visit them in Uruguay ... in the not-too-distant future! lol :-) )


+Vincent Wright

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