Thank you! The UPWARD MOBILITY forum is off to a great start. I have been told starting a new group from scratch and reaching 250 members in two weeks is phenomenal. It is in the early critical stage that tend to make or break a group's chances. No April fool's day, I have sent out a little over 200 invitations so far. Having a full-time coaching practice I am sending out invites in my spare time (lol, who has spare time). So if you haven't received an invite yet it is because of time constraints on my part. I also hope this can constitute as an INVITE TO YOU to join this new and quickly growing group. I will also continue to send out invites as time allows. ( ).

If nothing else please check out the members of the group by clicking on the word members. I think you'll agree there is a very diverse and highly successful group in terms of the individual group members personal successes. 

I started the Upward Mobility forum for two main reasons. First, I wanted a place for ideas on who we need to 'be', and what we have to 'do' to be that complete person before we can have ALL that we are meant to have and rise to our fullest potential (even daily). And second, I have been blessed in the last two decades to do and learn a lot through coaching, working as a police officer and investigator, not to mention my own personal development. Having a place to share with like-minded people and learn in-turn learn from them seemed like an exciting proposition. 

The Upward Mobility forum is dedicated to bringing you a featured Monday Morning Post from a group member or special guest each week. There will also be on-going posts on subjects of interest to the group. My plan is also to share on Wednesdays and other intermittent times, information that I've used successfully with others and myself. I hope you choose to do the same. 

Please join if you haven't yet ( ). Also please share, put up subject matter for discussion and ask questions to spark new conversation. Even if you have an answer to your question, it would be interesting to have questions put out there to see how others have conquered the same issue. 

Thanks again and all the best, Shane (a fellow group member).

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