LinkedIn Group on Upward Mobility opens today sponsored by MEMBERS Coaching

MEMBERS Coaching has created a forum just for you. The PURPOSE of "Upward Mobility" is to bring together the best minds for sharing ideas, answers, and experiences regarding moving up the professional/life ladder, shattering glass ceilings and gaining the most out of their personal and professional abilities. In this forum we share information that will help like-minded people develop themselves in a full 360 degrees.

Upward Mobility is a safe group environment free of spam, sales and excessive links to distracting outside sites. 

Topics to be discuss include but are not limited to: Mental Resiliency, Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Styles, Relating Skills, Self-care in terms of keeping mental focus, accessing resourceful mental states, and maintaining a calm readiness in all you face. As topics of discussion form organically other hot topics are sure to surface like the ever present questions of how can I refine my public speaking skills, how to balance professional and family life, how to develop leadership qualities and many more.

The birth date of this group is March 17th, 2016; St. Patrick's Day. This day has been chosen for two reasons. The shamrock can be seen as a symbol of synergy having one stem shooting out into three leaves. And second, that green is the color of prosperity

Please be a founding MEMBER of this new forum.

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