Some people have wondered why I call myself "Chief Encouragement Officer"

Some think that I've been encouraged by others to such an extent that I can call myself "Chief Encouragement Officer" because I have some "reservoir of encouragement" available to me.

That is not the case.

Here is the case:

I call myself Chief Encouragement Officer because I'm chief among those who know what the absence of encouragement means, how its absence deeply affects even those who're naturally prone to an optimistic view of life

I've known EXACTLY what elationship FEELS like. And I've experienced such despair that nothing about food tasted like food.

You need encouragement to get back from despair to elationship so you can savor life, again.

I've known such great physical strength, flexibility, and speed that I thought nothing was impossible. And I've lost all semblance of strength, energy, and endurance.

You need encouragement to get back the maximum strength your current body is capable of handling.

I've known love that's left me breathless for DECADES. Such powerful love that it made the whole world seem magical. And, at different times, I've wondered who on earth is worth loving on earth.

You need encouragement to get you back from ennui and indifference to enduring love.

And, yep, I've felt intelligent, too - so intelligent some years that I felt like chasing every iota of information in existence. (I now know that that wasn't very intelligent but, I FELT intelligent enough to want to attempt it! :-) As you might suspect, I've also found myself in persistent "ages" of "DUH" - where not even the simplest of simple things was easy to process.

You NEED encouragement to get yourself back from mental doldrums to a modicum of mental brilliance. (It IS possible to make yourself a bit more brilliant, you know?)

I believe it is our business to encourage as many people as possible and I believe that the business of encouragement is the biggest business in the world.

You don't have to be the most encouraged person in the world to be the most encouraging person in someone else's world. Find who you can encourage and encourage them as if they were the only person in the world.

Finally, I chose to call myself "Chief Encouragement Officer" because I hope that the title itself will continually encourage others as much as it encourages me, each time I hear it because encouragement is BIDIRECTIONAL!


+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,
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