The Optimism War


Those not in the optimism business may think of optimism as a kind of  "easy" frivolity.  

Others may think that the only people worthy of being labeled "heroes" are those in the "warring business". 

But, those of us embroiled in the business of optimism, *KNOW* that optimism is NOT for the faint of heart, it is NOT for the weak, it is NOT for the non-stubborn, it is not for the non-warrior...

In brief:

  1. Basically, there are 3 states of living for the dominant parts of our lives: A.) Darkness, B.) Neutrality (fuzziness), or C.) Light
  2. The 3 states of living line up pretty well with our experience with the 3 types of tow truck drivers: A.) Does not care about you or your car, B.) Is fully neutral about you and your car, and C.) Professionally accountable for getting you and your car to "safety" ("light") as quickly, and as economically as possible (I KNOW at least *ONE* exists! :-)).  Like tow truck drivers who may find us stuck on life's roads, there are people who may seek to tow us to either their darkness, their neutrality, or their light. (It's okay to be towed to real light ... but, it's not okay to let yourself be towed to "pretend" light. Pretend light may help us FEEL good but, leaves us powerless to DO good.  Real light helps address real world problems.  It comes down from "fantasy land" to help address those problems which are suffocating us, our families, our friends, our loved-ones, our businesses, our careers, our communities, our states, our countries, our world.))
  3.  If we're at an intersection controlled by lights, for the good of our passion, indeed, for the good of us all ... ourselves and others ... it's best to: A.) abide by the light's control and then, B.) CHOOSE and go ONE direction
  4. While it may be *mentally* or *cognitively* possible for us to  THINK or visualize going multiple directions concurrently, our human bodies, our human emotions, our human spirits aren't designed to go more than one direction at a time
  5. It's your choice whether you want darkness, neutrality, or light but, the optimism war comes down to this one thing: your going ONE direction ... (in thinking, communicating, and acting)

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