What a pleasant surprise!

In managing our growing group of groups on Linkedin Groups, I noticed that "The Biggest Business In The World" had reached 1,060 members! We're well on our way to encouraging all 7 Billion people on Earth! :-)

By the way: For those not yet familiar with the mission of The Biggest Business In The World, here's an overview of its original mission page:

"Have you ever given thought to what the biggest business in the world is?

I have.

I believe the biggest business in the world is the business of encouraging the 7 Billion human beings on this planet.

There is an encouragement process available to us.

And because it affects our health, wealth, spirit, and more, encouragement is more valuable to society than acres of diamonds.

Thus, The Biggest Business In The World focuses on the power available to society through encouraging you - and the world. "

To join the networking group for The Biggest Business In The World on Linkedin Groups, join us at: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/21043/0100102FCEC2

To join the new location for the associated discussion visit either of the following links:



Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer

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