See this "." (dot/period)?

Let this "." = a job description describing a job you want.

Let this post, "Why I Study Employers: W.I.S.E." = a company in which you want to use your preferred skills to grow your career and make an enjoyable life for you and your loved ones.
If you focus exclusively on the first dot in this post, you'll never read the entire post and, thus, you'll never likely get the full benefit this post tries to provide you.
Likewise with job seekers and job descriptions.
If, as a job seeker, you study a job description and, in response, work and work and work to write what you consider to be a fully coherent and relevant resume|profile, your focus on the job description may be far too narrow for you to understand the company well enough to get the company to offer you the job you want within that company.
However powerful and accurate the job description you're reading may be, it is the company, the employer who will hire you.
Job descriptions don't hire.
No job description has ever hired you.
Thus, it is the employer you should study and study and study.
ASK YOURSELF: If a company isn't worth studying before you work there, why apply to work there?
So, don't just study the part ... study the whole (company) ...

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