Real or UNreal? How do you know if the celebrity who's following you is real - or - UNreal?

Real or UNreal? How do you know if the celebrity who's following you is real - or - UNreal? (Especially those who are fans of

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!
Vincent Wright

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Unreal is right, Stella - :-)
good question! do we care? It is some human there you never know who needs to hear what we have to say & for what purpose!!
Generally, I wouldn't care. But, the question in my mind is this: why are they following us with a fake profile? I can't believe it's just for the sake of merely being able to set up a profile as a fake "Bob Proctor". So, if we go with the tenet that know one goes through that much trouble for nothing, I believe more of us *should* care...

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, Margie!!
Vincent, in truth, we do not know if the people we are following are real. In this age of ghostwriters, ghost posters and ghost personas, it it easy for anyone to pretend to be something or someone they are not online. Men masquerade as women, people inflate their finances, and individuals/companies hire people to post under assumed identities. My own approach is to add people to my following who interest, entertain or educate me. I am less worried about the "who" behind the avatar but judge them by their words.

Celebrities / high profile people manage their public image anyway. What we read, see, and even hear half the time is not necessarily reflective of their true character. I know motivational gurus who are arrogant jerks, comedians who are insecure and depressed, and celebrities who are down to earth. I think we should take it all with a grain of salt on and offline.
WONDERFUL feedback, Karen!

I, too, am surprised - even astonished - at some of the disparities I see among the full spectrum of celebrities I see online. (On a slightly different subject: What's most painful to observe is those online celebrities who have EVERYTHING some of us are chasing yet, they, themselves are struggling with inordinate depression - to heavy for some of them to bear...)

Keep STRONG, Karen!!
Hi Vincent,

The world has become surreal!

A happy Sunday to you.


You know, Nadine - I've been searching for a way to describe what the world seems to have become - and I think you may have hit the right descriptor with THIS: "The world has become surreal!" :-)

Can't wait to hear your adjective for the world in 2018! LOL

(And please note that it was in 2009 when you said: "The world has become surreal!" ... :-) )

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