While I'd wish to network with you on Twitter. I do not believe in TrueTwit for Twitter verification.

My stance is this: Platform verification should be done by the Twitter platform and not by a third party whom we don't know and, thus, can't trust.

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!
+Vincent Wright

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I agree! I find the TrueTwit process a nuisance!
Thanks, Jayne! (And, thank for putting "I agree!" in BOLD! (Believe it or not, after ALL the messages on this forum, yours appears to be the very first I've seen with the usage of bold highlights. So, KUDOS to you, Jayne L. Wells! :-))
Gracias mucho!
Era nada.
¡Sin embargo, yo soy feliz que fuera el primer! : -) (I THINK! :-) )
I find it particularly annoying when it used by someone who has followed me, I have checked out their profile and their website or LinkedIn if they have them and then decide to follow them. I see the used of the service as plain old laziness and I refuse to play along.
PRECISELY, Des! I agree 100%...I hope Twitter will address this sometime soon...

OOPS! I *MEANT* to say: "I will NEVER use TrueTwit for Twitter verification" #TrueTwit #GoTrueTwit #BadTwitterApp #Twit

My simple question for the reputed 112000 TrueTwit users is this: Why use a non-Twitter application to verify your Twitter account?


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