Don't base your word on the word of one whose word is not trustworthy.

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When people shows you who they are...believe them!


I remember that quote quite well, Frederica... (I agree with it...)



Learned that one the hard way; and yet, it was only money. Trust must be earned!


Fact is, no one escapes having to protect one's self; or, one's repupation, for that matter.

That is why I respect you Vincent. Nothing is simple. Nothing is free.


And ;-D sometimes, we are just each others' "doomed transference figures."


All of life is growing-up...I am up for it.  "He not busy being born is busy dying." -Bob Dylan


Today, Valentine's day, I am so happy that my mother loved me. I knew it then and I know it now. "... that has made all the difference."  -Robert Frost. The fact that she did was not my choice. It was [and continues to be ... in all of my wondeful relationships; and, all else that happens to me] ... my GIFT, from God! 




It's because of their proven love that I'm always open to discussing the love we witness via our mothers (and fathers).  (E.g., see: )


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