April has arrived and with it supposedly warmer weather. In return what better than to curl up in the backyard swing and take in the new ideas that come from these 199 new releases in the business field. If you need any further information on these HR related titles feel free to contact me at (813) 340-1126 or at dbloom@bordersgroupinc.com

A Guide to Project Management
by William Fox

Intended for those new to project management as well as professionals wanting to improve their skills, this invaluable resource introduces fundamental concepts, presents necessary organizational skills, and explores the use of technology in the field of project management. The life cycle of the project management process is clearly outlined, including sample stages, sub-processes, tasks, and jobs, supported by accessible definitions, examples, words of warning, and cases with context. The included CD offers additional charts, reading materials, and links to online resources.

The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation
by AG Lafley

Lafley, the CEO of Procter & Gamble, and Charan, the bestselling author of "Know-How," show how to change the game of business by making innovation the centerpiece, driving everything from strategy and budgeting to employee selection, promotion, and reward.

The Corporate Guide to Expatriate Employment: An Employer's Guide to Deploying and Managing Staff Overseas
by Jonathan Reuvid

In the 21st century, multinational corporations are sending employees to work overseas in great numbers. Companies doing business around the world need to relocate their employees with ease and speed. The Corporate Guide to Expatriate Employment is a comprehensive reference designed to help executives manage a globally-dispatched workforce. It includes information on: managing international mobile employees; employment law in individual countries; financial planning, remuneration, and benefits; relocation issues; country profiles of common relocation destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australasia, and the Americas. This book helps the busy manager reach the right decisions in making international placements run as smoothly as possible -- for both the employer and employee.

Finding Needles in a Haystack: Keywords for Finding Top Talent in Resume Databases
by Wendy Enelow

Designed for corporate and staffing firm recruiters, this is the first-ever book of keywords for searching employment databases. Job candidates and their qualifications are stored by the thousands in the records of employers, employment agencies, job boards, and on many other websites, but for recruiters to search efficiently, a strategic approach is essential. This book comes to the rescue with an exhaustive list of industry-specific keywords presented in a logical layout that ensures quick selection and cross-referencing. Additional information includes tips on making an initial action plan and optimizing the results gleaned from each search.

The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People, Process, and Possibilities
by Jim Haudan

A tested-in-the-trenches approach to inspiring employees and driving strategic execution.In business, a strategy is only as good as its execution. Without the full engagement of the entire workforce, a business leader is like a general without an army. In "The Art of Engagement," Jim Haudan, president and CEO of boutique consultancy Root Learning, delivers an innovative approach to engaging employees in strategy.He arms you with an arsenal of visual learning tools, including "learning maps," illustrations, sketches, and story boards, which allow your workers to see what they never could before: their place in the organization and their unique contribution to the company's success.

Excellence Every Day: Make the Daily Choice to inspire Your Employees and Amaze Your Customers
by Lior Arussy

If mediocre performance or results are acceptable at any level within your organization, this may be the most important book you will read this year. Lior Arussy explores and offers a solution to the root problem that keeps firms from delighting customers and inspiring superior performance and job satisfaction among employees. The Excellence Myth is a subtle yet pervasive mindset that undermines individual performance, erodes customer loyalty, and erases any competitive advantage a firm may enjoy or hope to gain. Arussys inspired (and inspiring) remedy is The Daily Choice, a strategy that empowers employees to reach new heights of excellencecreating delightful customer experiences and achieving superior results from the bottom up.

Leadership Gold: Lessons I've Learned from a Lifetime of Leading
by John Maxwell

"Leadership Gold" took leadership guru Maxwell a lifetime to write, and it delivers his most valuable lessons from 40 years of leading. With his signature style, Maxwell takes readers through what feels like a one-on-one leadership program.

The Coach's Conversation: Lessons for Business, Managers, and Leaders from Top Sports Coaches
by Allan Turowetz

Championship advice on communicating with employees, from the best coaches in sports

Using the advice and contributions of top sports coaches and athletes, this book presents seven steps to effective manager-employee conversations, showing how businesses can take the lessons of sports and adapt them to daily business best practices. Managers and team leaders in business will learn to get the most out of employees, improve communications, promote effective self-management, and bring about lasting and effective change in attitude, behavior, and performance.

Allan Turowetz (Toronto, ON, Canada) is President and CEO of Leadership Management Consultants, a consultancy specializing in team building, motivation, and leadership. Chrys Goyens (Montreal, ON, Canada) is the coauthor of several bestselling books on hockey. Essentials of Strategic Management, the Quest for Competitive Advantage
by John Gamble

"Essentials of Strategic Management" responds head-on to the growing requests by business faculty for a concise, theory-driven strategic management concepts and cases text. This first edition text was written with four objectives in mind: 1) Although relatively brief in length, the text would provide students with an up-to-date and thorough understanding of essential strategic management concepts and analytic tools; 2) The text would simplify the task of demonstrating student learning through course embedded assessment; 3) Like our works preceding this text, it would include especially well-written cases involving headline strategic issues; and lastly, 4) The text could serve as the theoretical foundation of a teaching approach incorporating a business strategy simulation.

Deciding Who Leads: How Executive Recruiters Drive, Direct & Disrupt the Global Search for Leadership Talent

Noted by Fast Company magazine as a recruiting expert with headhunting guru wisdom, McCool takes readers inside the secret world of executive recruiters: the most influential and elite group of management consultants operating in business today. The first book in 22+ years to take an investigative journalist's eye to the growing influence executive recruiters have on the world's corporations, Deciding Who Leads reveals how and why executive recruiters are truly at the center of the simmering public scrutiny on corporate scandals, outrageous executive hiring and golden parachute deals, globalization, outsourcing, and overall business performance.

Guide to the Management Gurus
by Carol Kennedy

The original guide to the ideas of leading management thinkers has been updated, now with 10 new full-length entries. From classic gurus such as Henry Gantt and the Gilbreth time-and-motion pioneers to the latest thinkers influencing 21st-century business, the lives and work of more than 55 gurus are covered in clear and accessible style. Also covered are Clayton Christensen, master of innovation theory, Karen Stephenson's ground-breaking insights into human networks, and penetrating analysis of all gurus' ideas and influence on management. Each entry includes a brief biography and a list of important source titles.

Quality Management
by Donna Summers

"Quality Management: Creating and Sustaining Organizational Effectiveness, Second Edition" explores how quality management has progressed from an emphasis on the management of quality to a focus on the quality of managing, operating, and integrating customer service, marketing, production, delivery, information, and finance areas throughout an organization's value chain. New or updated chapters on lean, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, and supply chain management cover the latest areas that are critical to companies competing in today's global environment. Designed to enable students to recognize the cornerstones of creating and sustaining organizational effectiveness, this text is based on key quality initiatives, including Six Sigma, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, ISO 9000, lean manufacturing, and value creation.

The Trainer's Warehouse Book of Games: Fun and Energizing Ways to Enhance Learning
by Elaine Biech

Kick up your training sessions a notch! If you want to make group learning more fun and effective, this is the resource for you. Training expert Elaine Biech, author of "Training for Dummies," challenged some of the world's best game designers to create never-before-seen games using popular training toys and tools from Trainer's Warehouse, the nation's leading supplier of learning resources. Whether you're a full-time workplace learning professional or occasional trainer, this collection contains the most ingenious and inventive collections of learning games. The collection uses a host of common and readily available tools and toys, from throwables and tactiles, to white boards on a stick and noise-making boomwackers. This book will appeal to anyone who delivers training and education--and presenters, too--the games run the gamut from short energizers, icebreakers and closers, to more involved group and team-building activities.

New Methods of Competing in the Global Marketplace: Critical Success Factors from Service and Manufacturing
by Richard E Crandall

With global competition increasing rapidly, businesses must consider all opportunities to make improvements. New Methods of Competing in the Global Marketplace outlines the benefits that companies can gain by sharing techniques across the manufacturing/services boundary. Emphasizing the similarities between the two sectors, this book describes why this boundary is vanishing and shows how the techniques used in one sector can be adapted for effective use in the other sector. The text describes how management and manufacturing programs can be tailored to fit individual needs and successfully implemented through technology innovations, infrastructure realignments, and cultural adjustments.

Relevance: Hitting Your Goals by Knowing What Matters
by David Apgar

In this groundbreaking book, business guru David Apgar helps leaders pinpoint which information matters most for successful goal setting, strategy, and bottom-line performance. Based on simple and easy-to-implement practices, "Relevance" outlines a new discipline focused on the relevance of performance measures for assessing key strategy issues and accelerating learning. David Apgar's practices are grounded in solid business research and clearly illustrated with real-life examples from top-performing companies such as Toyota, Alcoa, NestlZ, Capital One, Cisco, Microsoft, and GE.

The Training Measurement Book: Best Practices, Proven Methodologies, and Practical Approaches
by Josh Bersin

"The Training Measurement Book" offers managers, executives, and training and human resource professionals a method for measuring their investments in a way that provides information that is both actionable, credible, and meaningful to corporate leaders. Using the methods outlined in this important resource, you can free yourself from traditional, often cumbersome measurement models and put in place pragmatic, useful, and easy-to-implement approaches for measuring training activities.

Leveraging the Impact of 360-Degree Feedback
by John Fleenor

Contributor(s): Fleenor, John W (Author); Taylor, Sylvestor (Author)Chappelow, Craig (Author)
"Leveraging the Impact of 360-Degree Feedback is a hands-on guide for implementing and maintaining effective 360-degree feedback as part of learning and development initiatives. Written for professionals who work inside organizations and for consultants working with clients, the book draws on a proven ten-step program and lessons learned over the past twenty years of research and practice. The authors present step-by-step suggestions for the successful implementation of 360-degree feedback as well as a collection of best practices that the Center for Creative Leadership has observed and tested with their broad base of clients."

Business Deployment: A Leaders' Guide for Going Beyond Lean Six SIGMA and the Balanced Scorecard
by Forrest Breyfogle III

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) introduces a new organizational governance system that integrates analytics with innovation. The IEE system shows business leaders what to measure and report; when and how to report it; how to interpret and use the results to establish goals; how to orchestrate work activities; and how to develop strategies that are consistent with established goals. These strategies ultimately lead to specific projects that enhance organizational focus and success. This volume discusses problems encountered with traditional scorecard, business management, and enterprise improvement systems; describes how IEE helps organizations overcome these issues by utilizing an enterprise process define-measure-analyze-improve-control (E-DMAIC) system; and details the execution of this system.

Strategic Staffing
by Jean Phillips

Phillips prepares all future managers to take a strategic and modern approach to the identification, attraction, selection, deployment, and retention of talent. Strategic Staffing describes how to develop a staffing strategy to reinforce business strategy, forecast talent needs, conduct a job or competency analysis, strategically source potential recruits, negotiate with and hire top candidates, mange turnover, and leverage technology throughout the staffing system. For business professionals in Human Resources, Staffing, or HRM.

Talent: Making People Your Competitive Advantage
by Edward E Lawler III

"Talent offers a blueprint that succinctly maps out the best approach to organizing and leading a talent-focused organization. The organizational features needed to create a talent-focused organization are identified and their operation explained. Special attention is paid to: "Leadership","Corporate boards","Talent management","Performance management", and "Information and decision making"

From Analysis to Evaluation,: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers with CDROM
by Jane Bozarth

In this new book from the author of "e-Learning on a Shoestring" and "Better than Bullet Points," Jane Bozarth has gathered a wealth of tools from leading training practitioners. Anyone--from the interested manager to the experienced training professional--can depend on this book when designing or delivering training. This single book contains all the valuable tools of the trade: worksheets for assessing training needs and writing goals and objectives; checklists for organizing the venue; and tools for analysis and structuring content. This remarkable resource also includes instant evaluation and measurement surveys, which can be customized freely from the companion CD-Rom. In addition, Bozarth includes a wealth of invaluable advice for trainers at all levels on how to make effective use of props, staying energized, marketing training programs, and other things they don't tell you in train-the-trainer courses.

Valuing Roles: How to Establish Relative Worth

Organizations have different drivers that influence how roles and jobs are evaluated and rewarded. Valuing Roles offers practical advice and highlights the benefits and risk of the different approaches businesses can use. It shows how job evaluation intersects with pay-related processes, systems and policies. Valuing Roles examines the 'why' and 'how' behind the concept. It provides: * An overview of the approaches and current issues * An outline of the methodology * A guide to designing and implementing a scheme and structures * Coverage of topics such as equal pay and marketing pricing It includes international case studies, flowcharts, checklists, templates, and an analysis of a job evaluation survey carried out in 2007 by e-reward.

On Leadership: Practical Wisdom from the People Who Know
by Alan Leighton

Acting on his belief that you get the most done in the first 20 minutes of a meeting, established businessman Allan Leighton invited top corporate leaders to spend just 20 minutes talking about their views on leadership. Included here are his interviews with an astonishing range of business figures: established giants such as Philip Green and Rupert Murdoch; the new generation of leaders, including Andy Hornby at HBOS and Justin King at Sainsbury; and entrepreneurial figures such as James Dyson and Gulam Noon of Noon Foods. He also spoke with the nation's top financial journalists, whose views can help make a company soar or sink; the money men, whose support is critical for investment and acquisition; and politicians, who help create the climate in which businesses can thrive or falter. Thought-provoking, often surprising, and always insightful, this compendium is a fascinating, 360-degree view of what it takes to be a business leader in today's cut-throat global economy.

Human Resource Transformation: Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in the Face of Future Trends

From this experienced author team whose previous book, Strategic Human Resource Leader, first introduced the concept of HR transformation, comes this detailed exploration of today's workforce and workplace trends that drive the need for HR to radically rethink, reinvent, and reposition its role within the organization. With data culled from the authors' first-ever 20+year longitudianl study of how general managers view HR's focus and performance, Human Resource Transformation explores the new role of HR leadership, especially when facing the challenges of outsourcing, and presents an action plan for aligning and implementing a new agenda for connecting the HR function to the success of the organization.

4th Secret of the One Minute Manager: A Powerful Way to Make Things Better
by Ken Blanchard

In the classic bestseller, "The One Minute Manager," Blanchard and Spencer Johnson defined the three secrets of good management. Blanchard and McBride now offer a fourth secret, the One Minute Apology--one of the most powerful actions for improving company and employee morale.

Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach
by Ian Palmer

Managing Organizational Change, by Palmer/Dunford/Akin, provides managers with an awareness of the issues involved in managing change, moving them beyond "one-best way" approaches and providing them with access to multiple perspectives that they can draw upon in order to enhance their success in producing organizational change. Changing organizations is as messy as it is exhilarating, as frustrating as it is satisfying, as muddling-through and creative a process as it is a rational one. This book recognizes these tensions for those involved in managing organizational change. Rather than pretend that they do not exist it confronts them head on, identifying why they are there, how they can be managed and the limits they create for what the manager of organizational change can achieve.

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