If GoDaddy Takes Money Out Of My Account, Why Shouldn't They Pay Interest While They Have My Money?

Seeking a refund from GoDaddy after they 1.) changed the autorenewal
on my account 2.) took money - without my approval @GoDaddyGuy


1. I was told that it would take 5 days to refund the money which was
electronically removed from my account.

2. My question is: WHY??

3. Why does money collected from GoDaddy members have to go into
*LIMBO* for 5 days - without our being able to get interest?

4. The money gets taken out of our accounts, sits somewhere for 5
days, earns interest for 5 days so, why shouldn't that interest belong
to us, the GoDaddy members whose money was taken out of our accounts
for services which we did not explicitly authorize?

5. See this question on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/VincentWright/stat...

sad I’m feeling taking advantage of (I don't curse in public so, can't
tell you how this makes me feel - for real)

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