I have a question for you: What's a good ROI for you?

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   I suppose that would depend on what level / style of risk I was taking.  For something "safe" like a Certificate of Deposit in todays world maybe 1.5%   For something like Stocks (maybe 5%-10% annual return).

   For something like a college degree...I would expect a significant return on my tuition (plus the 4 years I spent achieving the education / degree)...though in todays world this rarely happens.  A job in a "trade" seems to be a better ROI that a degree today.

   For something that is "high risk / high reward" like a  Futures wager on a sports team winning the Super Bowl...I would want nothing less than 20-1 if I place it before the season starts.   Too many risk factors to derail an "investment" for less than 20-1

   I guess it all depends on what you are investing in.

Thanks, Daniel... 


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