If you're going to be seen, you're going to be seen on mobile.  Whether you have a mobile optimized website or a mobile app for your product or service, mobile is where it's at.

The other day while looking at my list of clients, I realized something.  Nearly every single client of mine was a business person / entrepreneur who had an idea for an app that was unrelated to their work environment.  In some cases it was a game, while others a new business venture. 

According to a survey by TechCrunch of  170,000 adult internet users in 32 markets, over 80% of all adults online now own a smartphone!  The survey also found that “75% percent of smartphone users are accessing mobile internet services on their smartphones.”  In other words, if your business isn’t ready for mobile device users, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your target audience and increase revenue.

How exactly do you get the most out of your mobile internet users? The best way is by implementing a mobile strategy for your business. And here are ten strategies you need to utilize ASAP!

  1. Define your Objectives
  2. Select the Right Mobile Environment
  3. Design Great Experiences
  4. Integrate with Social Media
  5. Take Advantage of the Multi-Screen / Multi-Device Opportunity
  6. Secure your Customers’ Data
  7. Use Location Based Ads / Services
  8. Test before Launch
  9. Build a Strong Marketing Campaign Before Launch
  10. Pick the Right Team

Our mobile strategists take a holistic look at your  industry and your enterprise, compiling a comprehensive strategy from both a functional and technical perspective. We bring  together Mobile Product Strategists and Mobile Technology Architects to provide you with a comprehensive road map that empowers your business, with an architecture that your IT team can easily support.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your game to the next level!

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