Micro Sales Teams

I was on a call with Vincent to discuss a couple of projects and he offered this idea of multiple, small teams of 3-5 people in each team, who already have contacts in my target markets, forming Micro Sales Teams to work together in promoting each project.

We only spent a few minutes discussing the idea of these Micro Sales Teams, so I thought I'd flesh out these ideas, here in Brandergy, to give them a place to sprout and leaf and become more firm and tall.

Advantages for Micro Sales Team Members

Formal-Informal: Each team can establish how formal or informal they want their team to operate.

Broaden The Market: More voices in the market talking about the same opportunity can raise awareness and bring more business to all the team members.

Micro Mentoring: Multiple members in the same market can raise each others (and the whole team's) market penetration by providing each other with their individual wisdom, which has been developed by their diverse experiences in that market.

Advantages for The Developer

Low Investment: Yes, of course, if I can bring together a team of people, who already have the target market contacts, to take my opportunity to their contacts, I can get started delivering my product or service more quickly. I will not need to recruit, hire, train, and then wait to see if these newly-hired salespersons can deliver.

Changed Dynamics in Development: If I'm offering my opportunity through a Micro Sales Team that already has experience in my chosen market, I can use that team's wisdom to understand better how to successfully develop and provide products and services that this market actually wants and needs.

Changed Dynamics in Training: If the Micro Sales Team has been involved with the development and packaging, they will need less 'sales training' because they have already been discussing the market and the advantage this will be for that market.

Higher Commissions: Of course, this is an advantage for the Micro Sales Teams, as well as the product/service developer. Because of the lower costs involved with recruiting, hiring, training, equipping, and managing a sales staff, that savings can be put into the commission structure.

What Ideas Can You Post Here To Broaden This Micro Sales Team Concept?

This is a place for Discussion. I will certainly not know everything about what these Micro Sales Teams are, or what they can do, or how they will operate. But, I'll sprinkle a few seeds here and offer some organic fertilizer. I ask you to participate in this discussion to flesh out and make more mature this concept.

What do you like about this idea? Of course there are some interesting advantages in this kind of approach to bringing new opportunities into a market. What would you like about this idea, for yourself?

What do you NOT like about this idea? And, of course, there will be some disadvantages to this idea. What obstacles do you see in this idea? What would be the show-stoppers for moving forward with this?

What would you like to make sure gets discussed? What more can you bring to this idea to flesh it out?

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