Would You Like To Be A Subject Matter Expert To THOUSANDS of Brandergy Members?

Because of the variety of things which we look forward to discussing on Brandergy.com, I'd like for us to have Subject Matter Experts* to whom we can readily turn for more reliable answers.

If you'd like to be a Subject Matter Expert in your area of expertise to thousands of Brandergy members, please let me know by responding to the following little table:

  • 1. Name:
  • 2. Area of Expertise:
  • 3. Web Site:
  • 4. Brandergy Profile:
  • 5. Linkedin Profile:

NOTE: Because you'd be a Subject Matter Expert to Brandergy.com members, you
must be a member of www.Brandergy.com

NOTE II: Please feel free to join the Subject Matter Experts group on Brandergy.com at:

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+1-860-967-0931 | SKYPE = MyLinkedinPowerForum

*According Wikipedia, "A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a person who is an expert in a particular area." ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subject_matter_expert )

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I'd be honored in doing a Google Hangout on how LinkedIn has helped my business and my clients.  

(Though you may see me in a variety of places over the next several days, my schedule will be exceedingly tight for about 7 to 10 days.  If that's acceptable, let's inbox a few possible dates/times, ok?)

1. Name: Dean Da Costa
2. Area of Expertise: Staffing, Recruiting, HR, Military
3. Web Site: http://thesearchauthority.weebly.com/
4. Brandergy Profile:http://brandergy.com/profile/DeanDaCosta
5. Linkedin Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/deandacosta/

6. twitter: http://twitter.com/Deandacosta

7. Google+: https://plus.google.com/104193865136363340185

8. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deandc43

Henry Schneider
Area of expertise: process improvement, business management, teaching, consulting, appraising
Web Site: www.ppqc.net
LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=8492427&trk=nav_respons...

What a great idea Vincent!

1. Name: Edgar Valdmanis
2. Area of Expertise: Networking, Presentation Skills, Social Media, Events Management, Blogging
3. Web Site: http://edgarvaldmanis.no/
4. Brandergy Profile: http://brandergy.com/profile/EdgarValdmanis   
5. Linkedin Profile: http://no.linkedin.com/in/edgarvaldmanis

Thanks kindly, Edgar! 

My pleasure. Looking forward to this!

1. Name: John Y. Chang
2. Area of Expertise: buying / selling businesses, webinars, building communities
3. Web Site: https://twitter.com/jycmba
4. Brandergy Profile: http://brandergy.com/profile/JohnChang
5. Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jycmba

Shannon Panzo, PhD

Areas of Expertise:

   1. Photographic Memory

   2. Brain Management

   3. Mental techniques to elevate personal and professional productivity and quality of life.

Web Sites:



Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannonpanzo


Here's mine Vincent...

1. Name: Chris Pehura
2. Area of Expertise: Big Data For The Big Picture
3. Web Site: http://www.csuitedata.com
4. Brandergy Profile: http://brandergy.com/profile/ChrisPehura
5. Linkedin Profile: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/chrispehura
6. BizCatalyst Blog: http://bizcatalyst360.com/author/cpehura

EXCELLENT, Chris!  Thanks! (By the way: I'd like to introduce you to someone, soon.  I'll Skype you, ok?)

#KeepSTRONG, Chris!



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