@LinkedInHelp WE NEED for @Linkedin to HELP us END bulk spam messages in our #Linkedin inboxes.

@LinkedInHelp WE NEED for @Linkedin to HELP us END bulk spam messages in our #Linkedin inboxes. By FAR, it's THE WORSE THING ABOUT LINKEDIN.
Does anyone here no how to stop a never-ending Linkedin inbox thread?
I've ended 2 or 3 of them in the past but, something's changed and it's 100% non-intuitive to end such Linkedin inbox thread where you have ~47+ screaming to get out of the thread and yet, the more people scream, the longer the life of these maddening threads...
I welcome your feed back on this one...

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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I have the same frustrations.  When I am feeling especially irascible I click the SPAM button on the message.  At least that removes it from the discussion group.  But I seriously doubt that LinkedIn takes any action on these marked messages.  I have also sent a message directly to the poster stating that if they don't stop I wil report them to LinkedIn to have their profile banned and deleted.  That seems to work, but I could spend my entire day doing that and not achieve anything else of value.

The prime responsibility for the spam rests with the group moderator.  If the moderator just set up the group and does nothing to moderate what is posted, then all bets are off.  I am a co-moderator of a group and I have effectively stopped 99.9999% of the spam that was being posted.  I delete the spam messages, I report the spammers and ban them from the group, and I approve all requests to join the group.  I scan the profiles of the requesters and if it appears that they are not appropriate members I decline their request.  And if the profile appears to be bogus, I report it to LinkedIn.

Thanks, Henry. 

I really do like that you've put such a great effort into reducing spam so successfully in the Linkedin group which you co-moderate.

However, this is a slightly different subject. 

This is about a Linkedin connection who includes you on a Linkedin blast ... of let's say, about 50 people.

As long as people complain, the message stays alive.


I'm discussing this on Twitter with @LinkedinHelp at: https://twitter.com/VincentWright/status/717455230246469632

Feel free to chime in! :-) 



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