"MASTER: Mastering A Stomach To Energize Respiration..." by @VincentWright on @LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/master-mastering-stomach-vincent-wright

No matter how much energy you currently have, the power of your stomach affects the power of your respiration and the power of your respiration determines the power you have available to you to do the work you dream to do.

While many focus on arm power, chest power, leg power, far too many still neglect the power provided us by our powerful stomachs.

What I'm saying is not about the proverbial "6 pack".

The stomach power I'm talking about relates to the fact that since the abdominal area forms the floor to the lungs, the power of the stomach to EXPAND helps the lungs to expand ... and it's the ability of the lungs to fully expand that determines how much energy you'll have access to today in order to do your  work today...

If you can't breathe fully you can't have *YOUR* FULL power (today)!

#KeepSTRONG! #MasterYourSTOMACH! :-) 

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