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Comment by Vincent Wright on August 29, 2013 at 7:31pm

I like what Bill Gates is saying in his Linkedin post "We Need Our Brightest People Working on Our Biggest Problems":

"... Attract more of the world’s brightest people into technical fields.

We need a constant stream of new people coming into these fields with fresh energy and ideas. And it needs to draw from a broad range of people — meaning different ethnicities, income levels, and countries. After all, no nation has a monopoly on talent or on the best way of looking at a problem.

I wish rich countries did more to draw their brightest people into the sciences. We also need researchers from developing countries, though that’s hard because few of them have great universities where people can get top training. We need to look at ways to strengthen those schools through partnerships. We can also expand opportunities for young people to study in other countries and then return home to start their careers. And we definitely need to encourage more women to enter technical fields.

As we bring more bright young people into the sciences, there’s a third step to making sure it has an impact for the poorest two billion..."

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