You may remember some of the good things I write about. Some of these things include positive quotes and quips to help people through their day. Other writings include stories of conquering life’s little drawbacks using a heightened state of awareness and superior information to cut through the relentless stream of BS that we are pummelled by daily, to find truth.


The one thing that constantly amazes me is the continuous swagger of the educational community that make claims and statements of just how they are approaching educational problems with vigour, when they have barely stepped from the dark ages. Educators do not want to admit they are controlled by government bureaus and teachers unions that do not want change, and only lead by status quo.


Mediocrity is still the highest goal. The teachers that truly want to "move" their students fall prey of the establishment, and are threatened with their teaching licence being revoked or simply black-balled so they cannot be hired elsewhere. It is no wonder many teachers are on anti-depressants?


History shows us, there is a definite conflict of interest when programs are in place to provide more money to a school system based on a higher percentage of learning challenged students in that school. This further encourages the degradation of a teacher's desire to "make a difference" in the life of a student.


Instead of getting "back to the basics" of the 3 Rs (Reading, wRiting, and ‘Rithmetic), they may just want to look at the REAL basics we were born with -the Eidetic Memory; more commonly known as the Photographic Memory. We all have it. Subliminal advertising relies on it to get their message into your brain. Why don't you use it for your own good? Much of what I am talking about is shrouded in myth and legend, which mostly bans teachers from considering it as something that should be promulgated in school.


You gave up your most valuable asset in your life. It is time to WAKE UP, and find out what you are missing out on. Here is a link to get a little free training, as well:

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