I received this email today from a business colleague and wanted to share on Brandergy in hopes of helping them meet their goal.

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Ex-Colleagues, Customers, Suppliers and Just All Around Great People!

This is a FUNDRAISER for the EL Paso Heat Basketball Team to enter, and have all expenses paid, for the Special Olympics in  Alrington, TX May 25th-29th 2016.

Many of you will know my Mikey and my Wife Lisa!

Mikey has an Intellectual Disability, and he and many of his friends with similar disabilities love to play Basketball. We have been living in El Paso, Texas for a few years now, and Mikey has found an absolutely amazing Special Needs Basketball Team to join, called The El Paso Heat! We love watching them practice every week and being in that team is a major highlight in their lives.


But now we have the opportunity to send this entire team to the Special Olympics Texas, from May 26 to 29th this year, in Arlington. The chance to attend the Special Olympics is a VERY BIG DEAL for the kids on the El Paso Heat.

Lisa and I have decided to build a fundraiser to raise enough money to be a major help in getting every kid on the El Paso Heat to attend this year regardless of that they can personally afford. The entire fund raiser is aiming to fully fund the entire team's travel to Arlington TX to complete in the Special Olympics.


There is nothing sweeter in this world than when one of these kids realizes you have had the kindness of heart to help them achieve their dream. Their show of gratitude and love to you are priceless. That you have cared enough to help make this possible gives you a warm feeling beyond description. I have fallen in love with helping these humble and yet ambitious kids achieve their dream. A dream that we can place right WITHIN their reach.


Please tale a look at the fundraiser page and video Mikey put together to ask for your donations : https://igg.me/at/HXFr3wv654Q

Making a dream come true for one of these special kids in one thing, but doing so for a tightly-knit team of comrades provides an eruption of delight rarely ever seen!

Any amount would be amazing! Please know we feel your love whether donating or not. Magic is in the air tonight.

I know that I will see many of you personally again one day, and look forward to thanking you in person!

Kind Regards,

Lisa and Mark Frazer.

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Just shared on Twitter via my@VincentWright account, Henry:

"Special Olympics for Mikey and his Team, The El Paso Heat": http://brandergy.com/group/crowdsourcing/forum/topics/special-olymp...  @henryschneider @Crowdese @Brandergy


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