“Look at our executive team. Do you see our A-team? Do you see their exhaustion from balancing the day-to-day with the ten year vision? Do you see them as political warriors with battle scars, scars that could tear the whole team apart?”

Executives set the goals and expectations for our organization for the next decade. They get us to the finish line by managing our corporate capital and assets. Executives are the living and breathing personifications of our organization’s groupthink, politics, cultures, and organizational structures. The CDO, the Chief Data Officer, though an executive is a little different. Besides being an executive, the CDO is also the political personification of our data, our Big Data, and how to best leverage our data both operationally and strategically. The CDO supports our executive team by strategically managing our data, our data assets, and our data capital to drive, multiply, and maximize our organization’s revenue growth.

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