As I've been thinking more and more about how to profit from Linkedin, I've been thinking about the people on Linkedin and what they are about. As I thought more deeply about it, it occurred to me that there are some AMAZING people on Linkedin that I'd like to network with. So, here is an apostrophe on:

My A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. People!!!

Architects - Ah! Sweet BUILDERS! :-) People building things. Ah, yes, this is us at our BEST! I LOVE people who build stuff. Whether it's software stuff or physical stuff or artistic stuff or scientific or mechanical stuff. To build something that more people can use to get more out of life makes me say that Architects are AMAZING people! Look around yourself at this very moment and think about all the architecting, building, creating, that's immediately within your view, within your reach. Are you an architect? Tell us about what you've built to help others. I'd like to network with you.

Motivators - Yes, you can, too! You CAN motivate people. You CAN get them to try better, be better, be more imaginative. You can do that. YOU can motivate people to be better people. Try it! :-) Motivators are people movers. Are you a motivator? I'd like to network with you.

Amateurs - How can "amateurs" be AMAZING people? Because they are the most valuable of all of us. They are the ones brave enough to explore the unknown but sensitive enough to sense possibilities worth the risk. It takes a strong heart to be an intentional amateur. To know it's ok to not be an expert for a part of your life so that you may journey to become an expert for the rest of your life. Amateur-hood is good! I'd like to network with you.

Zealots - Free flowing energy! That's the zealot. They've made their decision. They've decided where to place all their energy. They are unrestricted by spectators who can't understand the power of zeal. No matter how brilliant, erudite, or academically accomplished a person is, never, never, never let them trick you out of your zeal for the best of life! Many are just jealous because their zeal, their zest for life is somewhere in the lost and found bin of a section of life called "yesterday". I'm a zealot. Are you? If not, why not? Do you expect a better day than this one to let loose your zeal? Today, this day, is one of the best days in the entire history of the planet. Pick something, however small, and let loose your zeal for it. I'd like to network with you.

Instructors - Couldn't leave these AMAZING people off of my list. They are companions to Amateurs. Instructors are leaders. They lead the way from what's in the amateur's heart to power, to create new vistas that can impact all of us. The amateur is the heart. The instructor the eyes. Are you an Instructor? If so, show me the way to a greater vision of myself! I'd like to network with you.

Nurturers - Nurturers, incubators, caregivers, healers. If you have talent, it has to be incubated till it reaches maturity. Talent has to be nurtured. Your talent has to be fed positive nutrients to help it grow strong and be well-balanced so that it can be healthy enough to share with others. And in sharing your talents, you then become a nurturer, too. I'd like to network with you.

Groups - You didn't really think I'd forget that groups are amazing, too, did you? Groups are about power. There would be no need to be part of a group if you had all the power you need. But you CAN'T have all the power you need - not by yourself, anyway. Think about how much of you as a person was designed to interact with others like you - and even others UN-like you! Think about it. That's the magnificent beauty of groups. Power Amplification by Stimulating Effectiveness of Relationships. I must sell some things to provide for myself but, I must give some things to expand myself. There is this odd, odd, odd little thing that happens when you practice giving: you grow. You reach further, deeper into life. You become more richly entangled with this amazing thing called life. Giving doesn't have to be big. It's a matter of recognizing an opportunity to enrich someone or to enrich a purpose or a cause. It could even be a non-altruistic occurrence where you give just to clear out your space for better quality of life. Too many books or CDs or tapes or movies or plants or animals? Test the art of giving - without expecting an immediate payback. Give to give. Give to see how much you can grow. I'd like to network with you.

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

+Vincent Wright,

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Dear Vincent,

In a word: Wow! I finally had the chance to read this thought-provoking, uplifting post, and I want to thank you. After reading this, I feel more motivated/energized, more positive and more mindful of the bigger picture and the more positive things in life than I have in several months. It may sound corny, but it's the truth! I've not been very 'vocal' in this online community yet as I've been focusing most of my energy searching for a new job in addition to being a full-time mom to my 3 kids (all under 5), all of the time feeling like a hamster on a wheel, running but not getting anywhere. Now, after reading your post, I feel that I have a clearer idea of the direction that I am meant to go, and I think that I might just have found the sign that I was praying to see on this road. (Too many I's! Sorry!)

Thank you, Vincent, for the inspiration, for reminding me to be more nurturing (I am but haven't been very good about it lately) and more motivating, and to share more zeal. Thank you also for helping to bring together so many AMAZING, wonderful people!

-Robin Burgoon
Amateur networker
Hi, Robin,
Thanks kindly for taking time out of your busy schedule to read "A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. People".

I cannot tell how much I appreciate your response! :-)

It's a little bit late here so, perhaps during the week, you and I can do a bit of brainstorming to help you speed up your job search a bit...?

HUG, HUG, HUG those 3 great kids, ok? :-)

Keep STRONG, Robin!
Hi, Vincent,

You're welcome! :)

Thank you; that is so nice of you! I would very much appreciate your insight and assistance!

Thanks for the 'hugs' for my kids. I'll share them with the other 2--already shared one with the baby, who's teething and not sleeping well--when they wake up (which hopefully isn't until after, say, 7 A.M.!).

Nice work Vincent.

 Here is one for he group:

"If you are not getting what you want, you're getting who you are."

Enjoy Life!



Thanks kindly for the quote, Frederica...

Arent we all amazing because we certainly will fit in somewhere lets all network more ! id like to network with you too  as you are such a resourceful person  !

Thank you for sharing !

Yes,  Ramael!  Indeed, I know of no non-amazing people! (However, some may work quite hard to suppress that fact! :-))  Wishing you and yours the very BEST of the best for the New Year - and BEYOND, Ramael... 


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