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On March 9, 2016, my branding community, Brandergy.com will celebrate its 8th year!

Experts may argue back and forth about the esoteric edges of branding concepts but, on practical level, if you don't brand you won't earn.

You have to brand yourself to those who pay you and, especially, to those who can pay you even more ... once you properly brand.

The bulk of the world's money is being earned by branded things.

To maximize branding power - there are problems we must address:

  • #1. Don't brand in the dark.
  • #2. Don't brand without a vision. (You can’t brand what you can’t see!)
  • #3. Don't brand too fast NOR too slow. (Timing matters!)
  • #4. Don't brand without a written plan. (Writing helps consistency.)
  • #5. Don't brand without profiting. (What good is all that work if you’re not going to PROFIT from it?)

If you need help maximizing your branding power, get a branding community to help you! 

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