Sitting at the front of the room, I see people pouring inside. People exhausted with their coffees and water bottles. They're exhausted not just because it's early in the morning. They're exhausted because I'm the forth instructor they had in the last six months; the fourth attempt to make the training stick. You see, the powers that be want us to redesign our organization to be what we would call today being data-driven. Instructor one was an author that "wrote the book" on it. Instructor two was from a world renowned consulting firm. Instructor three was a university research professor. And then there was me, instructor four, another attempt to make the training stick. Having this many instructors in such a short time span is typical when training people to do new things, training people to be innovative. And with Big Data training it’s no different. Our instructors are going through the same tribulations. Business people do not understand Big Data, while data people, even with the right skills, do not understand how to best tailor and apply these skills to the business. Big Data Training is treated as standalone systems in organizations, not tied to our existing training, making Big Data irrelevant to our organization.

To make Big Data stick, to make Big Data more effective, we need to do 7 things with our Big Data Training.

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Excellent article Chris.  Since you were the number 4 trainer, they probably need 3 more before they "get it."  You have to explain new concepts at least 7 times in 7 different ways before people fully understand.

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