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Testing out new "What is Falkonry" video...

Falkonry AI for IoT from Falkonry on Vimeo.

Started by Crick WatersLatest Reply

5 CDO Steps for Month 1

TODAY IS OUR first day. We’re the Chief Data Officer, the CDO here to help you, the organization, better leverage your data. Provide you wi…

Started by Chris PehuraLatest Reply

7 things for effective Big Data Training

Sitting at the front of the room, I see people pouring inside. People exhausted with their coffees and water bottles. They're exhausted not…

Started by Chris PehuraLatest Reply

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Data Abuse In Identity Politics

Victim: “Your data is Islamophobic, racist, homophobic, and transphobic.” Presenter: “Really? Show me exactly where this is the case. Which…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Mar 28, 2017

How Do You Drive Your Data Strategy Conversation? | C-SUITE DATA

Data strategy is often too narrow not taking into consideration our data capital, culture, or politics. This makes our data strategy rigid,…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Aug 9, 2016

Is Big Data The New Force Multiplier For Revenue Growth?

Those on the global stage, Fortune companies, event speakers, and executives, share the same traditional and outdated narrative: Big Data i…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Aug 3, 2016

What Is The Data-Driven Organization?

Data-Driven Organizations execute strategic change using massive amounts of people supported by data, algorithms, and unprecedented process…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jul 26, 2016

Does Data Scientist Mean What You Think It Means?

“A data scientist does model-driven analyses of our data; analyses to improve our planning, increase our productivity, and develop our deep…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jul 14, 2016

Leadership: Do Underdogs Really Win? | C-SUITE DATA

The best stories out there are the stories about the underdogs. It makes for a good movie even a great video game. But in our non-fiction w…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jul 6, 2016

Do You Have What It Takes To Build Your Data Office? | C-SUITE DATA

“Having a data office means executives accept data’s strategic value; that data is an executive priority for our organization. Having a dat…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jul 5, 2016

Leadership: Data Odyssey For The Data Officer

“Look at our executive team. Do you see our A-team? Do you see their exhaustion from balancing the day-to-day with the ten year vision? Do…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jun 28, 2016

Big Data? Data-Driven? Think Even Bigger!

We were thrown together to define and frame the new strategic change program. There were a few of us management consultants; a few folk fro…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jun 21, 2016

Training and Education: Can Big Data Help Us Compete With What the Web Gives Away for Free? | C-SUITE DATA

Do you remember this expression? “ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I sur…

Started by Chris Pehura

0 Jun 14, 2016

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