"Prepare To Ask"

For builders and creators and entrepreneurs, it's all going to come right back down to one thing: ASKING!

Outside of the human body already given you, what of value on this Earth can you get without asking?

And with respect to that venture, that software, that book you so deeply, passionately want to give birth to, how can you get it done without asking?

While this little informal list may not be all you need, it's what I've learned is the minimal you may need to prepare for what you most need:

Prepare To Ask:


  1. What do you need? (Capital. (Financial and/or human))
  2. Why do you need it? (Cause. Purpose. Benefit.)
  3. When do you need it? (Time.)
  4. Where do you need it? (Geography.)
  5. How will you repay? (Value (Profit to helper/backer/venture capitalist.))

ASK for what you need, tell why you need, tell when you need it, tell where you need it, and tell how you expect to repay it...

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When your car needs gas, you don't try to get gas from a field across the street. You prepare your car to get gas by getting within reach of the nozzle. #PREPARE

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