I need to learn how to attract prospects.

I have developed a non-invasive, simple, no-sweat exercise program, which re-wires the part of the brain that is in charge of execution of the skills, techniques, and strategies that an athlete has already learned or will learn in the future. The end result is a substantial improvement in all these athletic capabilities: force, speed, focus, concentration, attention, balance, accuracy, confidence, perception, consistency, coordination, reaction time, and mental stamina & sharpness. Cases

My prospects are elite athletes and as they go through my program, they improve their performance as they improve the precision of their execution and reduce their execution mistakes.

I'm concerned that when I say this (". . improve the precision of their execution and reduce execution mistakes . ."), it is simply the same thing that every other performance coach offers them.

When I call and talk with coaches, whose athletes would benefit from my program, they dismiss me for a variety of reasons, including 1) no other team is using it, 2) I'm not an athlete, 3) there is only one peer reviewed research project showing improved performance, 4) their psychologist says they don't need this, etc. . .

I tend to write and talk about the exclusive technology I developed and not about how my clients improve their lives while working with me.

I would prefer that preconditioned prospects call me and ask for my services, because I don't yet know how to talk with my prospects so they understand the benefits.

I need to learn how to attract prospects.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I'm open to whatever lessons I need to learn

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