An old essay on a GREAT OLD DOG...


Vincent Wright

Upon hearing this evening that my very favorite canine personality died, I must say that I cannot put into words how much this news hurts my heart.

His name was Isaac.

He was a Golden Retriever - with more hair on him than any other animal I've ever come into contact with...(or at least that I had a personal responsibility for grooming...)

When I met Isaac, I had NO intention of getting to know him nor to enjoy him so much...but...since I met him, there has not been one day which I have not told someone in my network about how much joy I shared with that dog and how very much I learned just being around such a beautiful - PRIMA DONNA - of an all-male dog...

Isaac's unique personality was priceless to me - and even in his death, I'm smiling about how much this dog could be such a MALE, MACHO dog when any other dog was around and then, be such a complete prima donna when it was time for me to take him out for his morning walks!

As long as I have a brain, I'll NEVER forget just how much personality I perceived in that beautiful Isaac...

(And now, in retrospect, I'm happy Isaac and I had so many good meals, together... and that I occasionally overfed him!:-))

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I understand completely, having just lost my 14½-year-old coonhound buddy last month.  The house is very empty without him.

Wow, Jerry, my friend: Truly sorry to hear that...

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