Unique Hair Cutting & Business Workshop

Turn Your Clients Into Loyal Raving Fans, Create a 90% Referral Rate

Laara Raynier Presents a Classic Precision Bob Haircut

Laara Raynier teams up with the genius Business Relations Strategist Joyce White Nelson, to bring you a unique Master Cutting Business Workshop that combines their decades of expertise in the art, skill and science of creating precision & prosperity in your business.


Damian West Salon
237 West 4th Street
New York City, NY 10014
Sunday, October 25 2015
10AM – 5:30PM


“When I look at somebody’s face, I zero-in on their best features, the way their hair grows and their lifestyle. Each haircut is unique to each person.”
– Laara K. Raynier

“If you are in business, you are in the people business, and their number one human need is to feel appreciated”
– Joyce White Nelson

This workshop features collaborative, interactive and engaging activities. As a result, you will create

  • The Plan: That Creates a 90% Referral Rate.
  • A Solid Mission Statement: The Solid Foundation of Your Professional Strategy
  • 5 Personal Value Statements: Professionals Need to Know for Success Every Day
  • Networking Success Strategies: Create Customers From Social Media & Events
  • Essential Consultation / Communication Techniques: That Build Trust & Rapport
  • The Haircut: Each Client is Unique, Each Haircut Is Designed to Suit Each Person
  • Appreciation Wins over Self-Promotion: Steps for Packages, Events, VIP Services
  • Laara Raynier will Discuss & Demonstrate Precision Techniques When Cutting a Bob
  • Joyce White Nelson Invites You To Receive a Complimentary Business Consultation

Whether you are a stylist, a small business, a manager or a salon owner, this workshop will give you a fresh perspective and strategies to succeed and thrive. Laara and Joyce will deliver a unique workshop on the art, skills and science of Creating Loyal Raving Fans of your clientele.

Notice: We want to over deliver Individual Attention in this Unique Workshop.
Only space for 24 Participants.


We invite you to be our guests for our complimentary Networking Luncheon and a Wine and Cheese Social Hour

Individual VIP Early Bird Price (includes VIP special pre-event gift from Laara and Joyce)

Before October 1st

After October 1st

Group Packages
“Join Me” Bring a Friend VIP Price : Buy One (1) Receive One Half Off

Before October 1st (Included VIP special Pre-Event Gift from Laara and Joyce)


After October 1st

Maximum Impact: Buy 3, get 1 registration FREE
(Includes VIP special Pre-Event Gift from Laara and Joyce)

* VIP Gift will be sent exclusively to those who met the VIP registration requirements. Hurry. Only room for 24.
This gift will not be available at or after the workshop.

Joyce White Nelson

is a Business Relationship Strategist & the founder of JoyceVentures.
She built her “people-first team from a solid vision statement into a global business. Her 30 years of experience in educational leadership, public speaking, and strategic analysis for leadership teams on initiating, nurturing and sustaining, positive and mutually beneficial relationships has resulted in very satisfied customers in the financial, hospitality, real-estate and public relations industries. Her clients report huge results in their prosperity and joy.

She is a global networker and contributing author to the book,

“Becoming the Perfect Networker: Succeeding 1 Connection @ a Time”

Joyce invites you to receive a Complimentary Consultation. joyce@Joyceventures.com

“I’ve trained all over the world, been to international academies, then I found Laara Raynier. In the first day I learned more here than anytime since I’ve been cutting hair.”

Mario Valtiera

Salon Owner, Hair Ego, Chicago

“Laara Raynier was trained by one of the best in the world and it shows. I would highly recommend Laara to anyone who wants to be taught the art of cutting hair.”

Michael Gordon

Founder, Bumble & Bumble

“She excels at teaching haircutting and sharing her vast knowledge and experience. Laara is a natural-born artist and one of the best haircutters I’ve ever known.”

Edward Tricomi

Warren Tricomi Salons

These workshops are designed for stylists of all levels who lack a strong technical background.

Train with the authority on precision haircutting, Laara Raynier!

We hand-pick and only use real models.

Contact: 212 995-9334 • Laara@MasterCutterAcademy.com

Would you like to have Mastercutter Academy at your salon to train your stylists and assistants?
Contact us for more details and information.
For more information on workshops and private classes, contact us:
Call 212-995-9334

Your payment is confirmation of your booking.
No refunds on cancellations, a credit will be given for a private class or workshop at another date.
Laara Raynier reserves the right to cancel, post-pone or change any workshop or private class date up to 24 hours before the event start time.

If you purchased through CourseHorse, our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. Please Contact CourseHorse with any questions.

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