The idea for "Things We LOVE!" is based on an exchange on Facebook on the page "Lovebeads by Janet Planet".


That exchange began with this statement from me: 

Vincent Wright I LOVE my masculinity and I LOVE these beads! (And I'd LOVE to know who the first ignoramus was who thought that a man's masculinity is challenged by what a man's eyes love?) - That preamble aside: I LOVE THESE BEADS! KUDOS to #JanetPlanet for creating such BALANCED BEAUTY! #MansEyes#MansDecision


The beads in question were these in this beautiful image:



Thus, "Things We LOVE!" is for members of to champion and share with us things that MOVE US!


If you have something you love and would love to share it with us, we'd be happy to see things YOU love!

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