You and your company have abilities...

But, no matter how nice your social media profiles may be, you may miss out on opportunities because those who need your skills don't know what skills you have.
So, to help more people determine whether or not they need your professional help, tell us about your skills.
For example: Here are five of my current business skills:
  1. I have skill in solving small business branding problems 
  2. I have skill in effectively communicating with professionals in a large variety of social media environments
  3. I have skill in recruiting a broad spectrum of diverse candidates
  4. I have skill in helping a wide variety of professional men and women find jobs
  5. I have skill in helping small businesses find much needed clients
The above are generalized skills but, nonetheless, are true, accurate and, verifiable.
So, whether generalized or specific tell us about your skills.

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Thanks Vincent for your continual support of us..

As an Event Producer/Manager I do more than just coordinating your events, I help you create your marketing strategy, how I can support you in delivering your message to the world.  This includes using Social Media in your strategy. I have a variety of, social media, messaging and PR.

My pleasure, Mari-Lyn...and let's have a call soon, ok?  Keep STRONG, Mari-Lyn!

My name is Lisa Simpkins and I have been working online for 15 years now. I have gained enough knowledge over the years to work in many different fields in online business.

 My Specialty: Social Networking and Administration:
Content provider, database, public relations, member recruitment, marketing manager, link marketing,blog creation & branding/rank and community management.

Other areas of interest: Blogging, advertising, business branding/personal branding, mentoring, training one-on-one, SEO, product creation, RSS and web site creation.

My husband (Teddy Simpkins) and I work as a team.My husbands credentials are..

HTML Programming,web design,WP & Joomla blog creation and product creation.

We personally build your business in the social media arena.Building keyword profiles, marketing you and your business in the social media arena branding you and your business.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Lisa & Teddy Simpkins

(304) 521-2317

Skype: teddysimpkins178


EXCELLENT!  Very well presented, Lisa! (And for Brandergy members who don't yet know Lisa, I strongly encourage you to work with her and her husband.  They are GOOD - and - NICE! :-))

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for the kind comment my dear friend.You are pretty AWESOME as well :-)

My skills include:

Articles, Blogging, Editing, Reviewing, Web Content


Basic HTML, Social Media, Networking, and am learning marketing.

I am helping an author on Create Space and helping with his book promotion.

I write press releases, promotional copy, and query  letters.

I use Google +, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Xeesm, networking sites, and bookmarking sites.

I am a contributor on two blogs about writing.


Can you please include the links to your two blogs about writing?

Vincent, as you know I am a business owner of several businesses:

23 year old B2B Funding Source for startups, acquisitions and growing companies

Several holding companies

InCity Networks, a world-wide open mixer servant networking organization

Energy and Telecommunications Projects world-wide seeking building owners and those who make telco and energy decisions for companies of all sizes.

Everything Talk Radio Network, we give voice to, well, everything!


At your convenience, we need to catch up...(there are multiple members here who should see this particular post of yours...)

Howard Lee, President and CIO
Howard Lee, President and Chief Information Officer of Wirehead Technology Mr. Lee's professional experience includes over 20 years in the Computer Services industry. Covering the computer electronics field, Mr. Lee has worked for such renowned companies such as Tandy Corporation, Williams-Bally-Midway, Solai & Cameron, Bencher Inc. and CompUSA. In 1996, he started working in the handheld computer market at Tandy Corp; working with their Geo-Dos based unit called Zoomer. He has since been a designer, developer and speaker on the handheld/wireless market since 1994. Mr. Lee formed Wirehead Technology [formally called Technocrats Consulting]. in 1999

Proficient in Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning
Expert at developing Mobile Applications for all sized companies
Authority on programming and maintaining “Smart Phones”
Professional in Windows 2000, XP Pro, Vista, IBM Symphony
Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite
Skilled at HTML to develop websites
Proficient in developing and maintaining website strategies

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