Start-up businesses - The pitfalls and hurdles getting a product to market

I'll begin with some background:

My name is Barry Pechner, President of Fast Action Enterprises, located in Cary, NC. My company is producing a line of stretch band Wristwear, called FLiPSTONZ, that is unique in nature and able to be configured for a multitude of uses. We are a Start-up company and our product is now "Patent Pending". A particular use that would perhaps be of some interest for the purpose of discussion, is our Hydration Assistant/Reminder Unisex Wristband. The need for proper daily hydration is well known and suggested by physicians as well as numerous health agencies and sources alike. Our FLiPSTONZ Hydration Assistant, when worn on the wrist, offers an ever present reminder to the wearer of the need to hydrate and when they do, they simply "FLIP" an individual flat tile over, (from the Water Droplet icon affixed to one side of the tile), to the opposite flat side which contains a Happy Face logo, thus recording their action and providing positive reinforcement, as well. Each day, one can target on a specific number of glasses of water as their goal and record that number by days end. If not successful on that day, then using the adage " If you do not succeed at first, then try, try again" should be the motto!  We have been pleased to find that those individuals who had a need or desire to properly hydrate their bodies on a daily basis and have utilized our product to that end, have found it to be a simple and cost effective way to manage this too often forgotten daily chore.  Our unique product has a multitude of useful functions as a memory assistant, habit corrector, goal tracker, attitude adjuster, for fund raising, team support, etc. and can be used in our standard configurations or customized. And it does all this without a power source or chemicals! 

We have all of the sources and packaged production capability currently set up and ready to go, as well as a reasonable amount of packaged and unpackaged inventory on hand.  We also have a website that is available, though still under construction, located at

Although we have made attempts to contact high volume prospects, who we believe would be interested in using our product(s) for fund raising efforts, we seem unable to penetrate the shell surrounding the decision makers of these large organizations.  Marketer's have offered to provide this assistance but to do so, they want complete control, which we will not agree to.

So, I hereby search for an answer to our dilemma and will appreciate any suggestions or advice pertaining to this matter. Thank you.

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Hi, Barry:

Thanks for sharing FLiPSTONZ with us. 

Super-briefly: You can also post images directly into your blog posts and discussions like this:

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Thanks, and #KeepSTRONG!

+Vincent Wright

Brandergist |

Hi Vincent,

Well, we received the video proof for today.  Although it does not bring forth the excitement I was hoping for, I think Scott did an admirable job getting the message across in an honest, sincere and professional manner. 

I just became aware that congratulations are in order as you will beginning a new chapter in your Book of Life.  Both Scott and I wish you good health and as much happiness as you can muster, as you meet the challenges ahead with the Wisdom, Spirit and Courage you possess, in the upcoming year!  Happy Birthday, Dear Friend. 

EXCELLENT, Barry!  I'm off until Friday, December 4th and I'll check it out then, ok?   THANKS kindly for the birthday wish! :-)

#KeepSTRONG, Barry!

+Vincent Wright

I forgot to include the link to the video!   Password.....  Stone


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