Michael Beddows of www.BrandSeed.com has written an outstanding blog post summarizing his significant expertise on social media strategy.    

"When it comes to developing social media strategies, there are two types of companies – those with a significant brand and those without. You’ll often hear case studies on the successful use of social media in business – Dell, Domino’s, Ford, Zappos, Starbucks… And yet these companies had solid brands to begin with. So for small businesses, a bit of a brand refresh might be in order."

Michael has given permission to share the following outstanding overview of Social Media Strategy:

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Hello Vincent, I think this goes back to the old saying about quantity vs. quality, and I think this is just another piece of evidence that we all need to focus on quality. There is nothing wrong with quantity but if you run the risk of getting information overload then you cannot find the quality information you need to succeed.

Best regards,
I'd like to toss out the old QvQ argument altogether and come up with something more fluid:
The C.I.A. Concept.

C.I.A. stands for:

Fundamentally it argues:
1. that we CAN'T have JUST Quality and
2.that we CAN'T have JUST Quantity

Neither of those approaches makes one jot of sense on professional networking. We need a suite of concepts to guide us in contemporary social media. QvQ is dead. As it should have been long, long, LONG ago.

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, Thomas!


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